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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    I was up a very similar looking track up your way a week or so ago and was struck by the amount of felling that's taken place, to the point that in the murk I thought I had overshot my route in until I came across a familiar landmark. Luckily I didn't have to cross the felled ground but did...
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    6-7 or7-8 weight fly line

    I'd say the 6/7 is the one to choose. I use 5/6 on my 6wts, 6/7 on my 7wts. I have Greys GR50s in both weights.
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    Eletric outboard

    I ran a 36lb Moto Guide for 20years and never found it underpowered. Now using a 45lb C2 and its very good. Bison seem to get good reviews too. I think either will get you about. I just discussing with Capn Fishy Haswing motors who seem quite new to the market but appear to have a UK dealer...
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    Assynt Wipeout July 2021

    Absolutely. The area discussed is by far the worst of it. Above Inchnadamph, and west over to the coast, as well as the top end of the Stoer peninsular is more conventional moorland and rock terrain. Hard going but not brutal. Plenty of the lochs are accessible by decent walkers or stalkers paths.
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    Assynt Wipeout July 2021

    Sounds like a hard shift. There a band of terrain north of the lochinver road and across towards Achmelvich that is as you describe. The deer fences just add to the problems. I spent a day last year trying to join up a few lochs that on the map looked easy. The undulations, crags and scrub...
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    SMflyman: tungsten beads

    Bought from SMflyman on several occasions. Combines postage. Always been happy.👍
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    Dry fly fishing with French Leaders

    I bought myself a Hanak Alpen Nymph 4 in 1 4wt last season. Not because I needed another nymph rod but because I wanted a long light rod for loch fishing. I use it in 9'6" for dries, 10' for dries or wets and 11" for short lining wets. It is excellent and I am really happy with it. It is a nice...
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    Mouthful of hook

    You are quite right. Poor cast selection 😳 I just didn't fancy a visit to any A&E Dept on a Friday night.
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    Mouthful of hook

    I deeply embedded two points of a tiny treble in the back of my head when a downstream gust during a single spey. It was well in and I couldn't see it or get hold of it. The dilema was...a 10pm Friday night visit to Perth A&E or drive home, taking great care not to snag the remaining point on...
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    Airflo Sightfree G3

    I finally got round to sending the 4 dodgy spools back and got an apology and replacements. I have tested them all and all seem fine. If that is the case I'll be happy. If there are further issues then at least I have sourced a couple of suitable alternatives.
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    Good Deer Hair

    Not Irish, but Cookshill winter roe ties quite small, is excellent excellent quality and you get a generous piece. Irish Fly Supplies do good dyed Sika. A bit coarser than Roe
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    Single Bank Fishing Scotland - What is the Law?

    Do you know if/where that is defined in law?
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    nice night on LOM.27/7/21

    Thanks. Hopefully we will soon get some of the good evening rises we got last year whilst there is still time.
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    nice night on LOM.27/7/21

    Great looking fish there. Any sign of them coming up in the water or are they still down deep?
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    Single Bank Fishing Scotland - What is the Law?

    This seems to be the normal outcome when this comes up. No one seems to point you to where is it actually defined in law. Boundary issues must go beyond just fishing law. What about the definition middle of the river? Is it the (fixed) midpoint between two banks or the (variable) centre of the...
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    Trout & Salmon - ahead of its time?

    Christmas. Based on the amount of salmon content, they correctly predicted the drought and decided there would be very little
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    Wing for Cinamon and Gold

    Dyed duck quills is the most common alternative I think.
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    Hacklestack sparkle gnat

    Nice tie Colin. I spotted that vid a few months ago when I was having a bit of a paraloop phase and tied a few up. Also did some hoppers with the paraloop hackle which have been doing well.
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    Airflo Sightfree G3

    I have spools of 6, 7 & 8lbs that all failed like for like against the old stuff.
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    Airflo Sightfree G3

    I knew from handling the stuff it wasnt a case of mislabelling. Unless they have gone from a low diameter to standard diameter material 🙄 Just bad quality. They do themselves no favours. I'm not going to be trusting it again any time soon, given the performance of the alternatives I am...