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    Patagonia green puffa jacket L

    Hi, Looking to sell my green Patagonia puffa jacket. I have had it for a few seasons but only worn it lightly so the jacket is still in pretty good condition. I am after £35 for the jacket posted. Thanks for looking Lewis
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    New wychwood wader bag

    Hi, I bought a wychwood wader bag about a month ago with the intentions of using it for the up and coming season. But as I am due to fly out to New Zealand in 2 days. I could do with the extra cash by selling it. I am after £30 posted for the bag. Thanks Lewis
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    Fishing Clothing for sale

    Trousers now sold. Thanks for looking Lewis
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    WF7 Fly lines for sale

    Hi, I am selling a couple of fly lines to help give me some extra spending money for my NZ trip so thought I would let go these lines: Airflo Di 7 - WF 6/7 This line is still on its spool as I never got round to putting it on a reel. A great fast sinking reservoir line. RRP£39.99 Asking...
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    Vision Koma Kassette 7/8 Reel with 3 Fly Lines

    Hi, Vision Koma and lines now sold Thanks Lewis
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    Wychwood SLA 9'6ft 7wt like new

    Hi, Rod now sold Thanks Lewis
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    Canon 5d mark ii (new in box)

    Hi, This is a long shot but I am selling my New Canon 5d mark ii body. It's brand new. And was only bought around Xmas time. I am looking to use the money for selling this camera to buy the 5D mark iii, which is the only reason for selling this camera. I am open to offers but please only...
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    Brand new Patagonia Rock Grip Wading Boots in size uk11

    Hi, I am selling my brand new Patagonia Rock Grip Wading Boots i size 11uk. These boots were the new model for 2011 and have had great reviews. I am selling them as I have just got a new pair of Simms boots and don't need to pairs of boots. They cost me £160 and they have never been out the...
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    Patagonia SST Wading Jacket - large

    Hi, I am selling my Patagonia SST wading Jacket in size large. The jacket is in mint condition and only worn a few times. This jacket is a lovely bit of kit and retails for £380. Very reliable with a few nice features. I am after £150 for the Jacket sent next day special. Any questions...
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    Snowbee Geo Deep Wading Vest Medium.

    Hi, For sale is my Snowbee Geo Deep Wading Vest. in size Medium. This vest is in great condition as it has onlt been worn twice. I am selling it as could do with the money. The vest costs around £80-£90 odd brand new. I am looking for £35 posted next day special delivery. Thanks Lewis
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    Patagonia Rio Gallegos Chest Waders in large

    Hi, I am looking to sell my Patagonia Rio Gallegos Chest Waders in Large. These are one of the best pairs of waders I have ever used and being a full time fly fishing Guide I generally put all my kit through its paces. There are a lot of waders on the market but many experience leaking seems...
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    Loop Opti DryFly Reel in Blue 5-7

    Hi, I am selling my Loop Opti DryFly Reel in Blue. Which I bought off the forum not long ago. This reel is in mint condition and takes a WF5-7 fly line. I am a little bit gutted that I have to sell this reel as I have only just got it to serve me for my New Zealand trip and I love the Opti...
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    9'6ft 1wt 4 piece by Sandro Soldarini

    Hi, For sale is a 9'6ft 1wt 4 piece fly rod. This rod comes with its original tube It has only been used the once, so in amazing condition (looks new) and is only for sale as my friend doesn't feel he uses it enough. This model of rod is called Stillwater series by Sandro Soldarini. It is a...
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    GCH french Nymphing rod made in Czech Republic

    Hi, A Very Good Friend of mine has given me 3 rods. to see if I can get any interest. Each rod is in mint condition and he would like to get rid of them as he hasn't used them in a while and doesn't plan to either. GCH 9'6ft 3wt 2-piece fly rod made specifically for French Nymphing. This rod...
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    Sage Z-axis 9ft 3wt 4 piece - mint condition

    Hi, A Very Good Friend of mine has given me 3 rods. to see if I can get any interest. Each rod is in mint condition and he would like to get rid of them as he hasn't used them in a while and doesn't plan to either. Sage Z-Axis 9ft 3wt 4 piece in mint condition. This rod is a great little...
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    Costa Del Mar - Man 'o' Wear 580 Sunglasses

    Hi, For sale I have a brand new pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses. The lenses are 580 glass lenses. And are known to many professional fly fishermen around the world as the best polarised glasses available today. These glasses retail for around £250. I am after £150 posted Thanks Lewis
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    Sage 3200 reel + Rio LT DT2 fly line

    Hi, For sale I have my Sage 3200 reel in great condition. the reel is being sold with its original box and neoprene reel case and has a Rio LT DT2 spooled on it. The line has only been used a handful of time and in mint condition. I am looking for £150 p&p Thanks Lewis
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    Sage Z-Axis 9ft 6wt wanted

    I am also looking for a 9ft 6wt Z-axis. I will pay good monet for one Cheers Lewis
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    Specialist Italian 0 weight fly rod.

    Hi for sale, is my 9ft 3"inch 0wt Tail Water series fly rod. It is a 4 piece rod and comes in a lovely green cordula tube. This rod comes from a range made by Sandro Soldarini. Who is a world class competition Fly fisherman from Italy. Sandro spends time creating these rods to perfection...
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    Sage ZXL 9ft 5wt Fly Rod wanted

    Hi, I am looking for a Sage ZXL 9ft 5wt. If anyone knows of anyone who may be interested in selling one let me know. I sold my one back in May on the forum as I thought I would no long be going to New Zealand. But now am 100% so the word plonker comes to mind. The positions I get myself...