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  1. leeren666

    Info on knitsley mill ?

    Evening all, can anyone shed some light on knitsley ? Been looking online for info for prices etc and can only find farcebook posts, I don't do farcebook, all I want to know is can I fish any 4 hrs c+r and how much is it ? Got some time tomorrow and fancy a quick session to ease myself back...
  2. leeren666

    Cheap #7 reel

    Morning all, looking for a cheap #7 reel if anyone has one send me a pm, I'm thinking 15-20 quid ish :) Thanks
  3. leeren666

    Shakespeare glider bag

    I have a Shakespeare glider bag here, about 5yrs old and no longer of any use to me so if someone wants to cover the postage cost they can have it, I believe it's the smallest version with a couple of pockets on the front, has a few marks as you would expect from being used but still intact and...
  4. leeren666

    Hooks, Czech back, booby eyes

    Had a bit of a tidy up and won't be needing this little lot, Looking for 30 quid posted which I think is fair enough, Approx 80 booby eyes of assorted colours in box 6 unused packs of Czech BacK, nymph skin whatever you want to call it , I opened pack of similar material but can't remember...
  5. leeren666

    Large wooden fly box

    I am looking to buy a new large wooden fly box as a Christmas gift for my stepfather, can't find one online anywhere ? Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one ? Must be decent quality and approx 12 x 7 inches and two or three leaves, any help would be appreciated Thanks
  6. leeren666

    Anvil apex

    As you might have noticed I've been having a bit of a clearout and next thing to go is my anvil apex, includes spare jaws (used but ok as back up) as it has new ones fitted, base and table clamp, no original box But has a nice red metal box as a home, after £70 posted via PayPal gift (UK...
  7. leeren666

    Daylight company magnifier

    as the title, good quality magnifier from daylight lamp company, comes with desktop base but can also be attached to vice stem as long as diameter is right, first 25 quid via PayPal gift can have it posted to mainland UK only
  8. leeren666

    Orvis sling pack

    as in picture, been used but still in good nick, going back to using a vest again so no longer required, Looking for £45 via PayPal gift including postage
  9. leeren666

    Headlight bulbs

    i have recently purchased some headlight bulbs in error and wish to pass them on to someone that can use them, they are xenon/ ice blue and are h7 fitment and I have 4 of them so someone can either have one pair or both pairs, all I ask is £3.00 to cover postage Cost per pair, or £4.00 if you...
  10. leeren666

    Vision vipu 8 foot #4

    from my other post, sold the reel separately and now have just the rod to go, only been used 3-4 times and is in as new condition, comes in partitioned tube looking for 60 quid posted via PayPal gift, Will add more pics when photobucket stops playing up !
  11. leeren666

    Orvis bbs1

    hi, I have an orvis bbs 1 in silver, with pouch and box, in pretty much perfect condition, has half a wildfisher dt4 on it that has never seen water, looking for 50 quid via PayPal gift posted or 45 quid collected,
  12. leeren666

    8' #4 line vipu and skb reel

    have a mint condition vision vipu 8' #4 weight and skb click stop reel, the rod has only been used 3-4 times and the reel has had a 2nd spring pin fitted too, there is half of a dt5 Worcestershire line on reel. not fishing rivers any more so it's gotta go, looking for 130 quid via PayPal gift...
  13. leeren666

    Wading staff

    York of Norwich wading staff, sectional, screws together with different ends, spike or threaded so you can attach a net Comes in bag and only used once, 25 quid posted payment via PayPal gift please Sold, thanks
  14. leeren666

    Skb cassette reel, spools and lines

    i have a spare skb cassette reel with 3 lines and spools in bag with a spare o ring too The lines are all wf7, 2 are unknown sinkers and 1 is an Skb floater Sold sold sold sold
  15. leeren666

    Shakey oddysey 2.25m 4/5 weight outfit

    Shakey rod in excellent condition looking for 20 quid posted, or complete with matching reel and spare spool with a wf4 (I think) and half of a dt5 Worcestershire floater as below for 40 quid posted, make a perfect river starter or back up kit Payment via PayPal as gift if you please or...
  16. leeren666

    Flashabou ?

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some of the original flashabou ? Its Not the crinkle or mirror flash, it's the stuff that is uv absorbent and glows after exposure to light ? Can only find it online from the USA, looks like a pearly white colour, have found some similar but it is a...
  17. leeren666

    Greys g series with barrio wf3

    Pretty much as the title, in decent nick, 25 quid posted if it takes anyone's fancy Payment via paypal gift preferred
  18. leeren666

    Shakey oddysey 2.25m 4/5 weight outfit

    Hi, another clearout outfit, like I said in my other post, going back to Stillwaters mostly so getting rid of some excess stuff, As title a shakey oddysey 2.25m (about 7'6" ish) 4/5 rod, in pretty much new condition, also shakey oddysey reel with a half of a Worcestershire dt5 floater on it and...
  19. leeren666

    9' or 7' 3/4 weight outfit for sale

    This rod was built by Luke troutstalker and I bought it from him several months back, I have used it a couple of times and found it better with a 4 weight line but it still throws a 3 weight nicely too, it can be fished as either a 7' or with the other handle and section as a 9' with excellent...
  20. leeren666

    Wanted : rat traps County Durham

    Evening all, does anyone happen to have any rat traps that they want rid of ? , live preferably, in County Durham or close to Stanley ?