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  1. soldierpmr

    Coming to the end of the Season

    Well with one week left I had a welcome surprise of this 35inch fish this morning. Its not as coloured as the other salmon I've been seeing either. I know its not fly fishing but I thought it was a good fish and that I'd share it.
  2. soldierpmr

    Dulais south Wales

    Has one one got any experience fishing this river and also the river Neath? If you don't want to post in an open forum feel free to PM me.
  3. soldierpmr

    Cogra Moss

    A quiet stocked fishery part of Cockermouth anglers is set to be drained sadly by United Utilities. I don't fish the place my self but a good friend of mine who sadly passed last year loved the place and had a memorial bench placed there for other anglers to use. I feel rather sad that his bench...
  4. soldierpmr

    Extreme budget cameras

    Hi guys just after abit of advice looking to get a cheap starter camera for a 12 year old girl who wants to get into photography. Her main aim is for landscapes and then on the other far end of the spectrum is close details like eyes etc. Now here is the tricky bit a budget of around £100 to...
  5. soldierpmr

    Single hand speys

    Looking at other casting techniques what sort of distances can you cover on trout gear spey casting when having high cliffs and other obstructions behind you?
  6. soldierpmr

    Sprays for skins?

    I might be talking a load of tosh here but I've heard of a spray you can use on skins to prevent decomposition on fairly fresh kills is this true? If so does any one know what it is?
  7. soldierpmr

    Scruffy hare DHEs

    Couple of Hare DHEs Flash No flash
  8. soldierpmr

    Salmon or sea trout smolt

    Ok so parr I'm fine with but once it comes to smolts I always get confused I'm feeling this is a sea trout as the shape of the head and rounder figure but the tail suggest salmon.
  9. soldierpmr

    Black bird

    Any one know any patterns using male black bird as the cat brought one back and it would be a shame to waste it.
  10. soldierpmr

    Soldierpmr's proper soldier palmer

    Here it is. Hooks: 12 - 16 Tail: Red Wool Body: Red seals fur Rib: Gold oval Body hackle: Dark red game Head hackle: Red game.
  11. soldierpmr

    Soldier palmer

    As one of my favourite flies and the fly I caught my first wildie troot on I thought I'd show you guys I can really tie this fly.
  12. soldierpmr

    Magpie and Gold

    Apologises for quality used the wife's phone. Hook size 12 Tail: GP Body: Gold Foil Rib: Oval gold Wing: Magpie Hackle: Orange cock.
  13. soldierpmr

    Now winter is setting in.

    How do you store your flies for the winter months? I've tried to take mine apart neatly with a Stanley blade to store the materials for a few months before rebuilding the flies. I've noticed with this method it can cause a lot of waste especially with hackles and thread. So what do you do?
  14. soldierpmr

    Rio Outbound short

    Any one got any experience with these lines thinking of adding a floater and a intermediate lines to my stock for big open water fishing from the bank for WBT and maybe sea bass and pike.
  15. soldierpmr


    After doing a forum search for the original materials for a bruiser it seems there is no information on here apart from a couple of variants does any one know the original dressing for the fly? Is it blue body and blue tail or black body and blue tail?
  16. soldierpmr

    Mountain minnows

    Just looking for some advice really of some simple minnow patterns as a lot of the trout feed on them up here early season. Got a few silver patterns on the go already Peter Ross, teal blue and silver, muddler minnows, ace of spades but off the top of my head can't seem to think of much more.
  17. soldierpmr

    Help IDing feathers

    Good afternoon chaps wile out for a wander over some marsh land with the collie I came across this wing top of the picture I'm not sure what it is at a guess I would say woodcock or snipe but if any one is wiser it would be a help and in the lower of the picture a few of these feathers though...
  18. soldierpmr

    Claret bumble variants

    I've avoided posting flys on here for awile now as I've only for a camera phone and the quality is awful but this time I gave it ago with some variants I tied last night I can imagen them fishing very well on the cumbrian still waters though I've never tried the pattern I can't wait to see how...
  19. soldierpmr

    needs help

    Good evening all after fits of rage and tantrums I can not tie winged wet flys to save my self something as simple as a butcher can throw me into a bloodlust within seconds how on earth do you get the wings right? I cut them off two equal feathers then I mess it up.:mad:
  20. soldierpmr

    WBT unexpected flys?

    To be honest over never caught a WBT on anything other than traditional flys has any one ever caught one from what I call the rainbow flys like boobies cat whisskers fritz etc? Or any other strange flys?