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  1. ruby pennel595664

    Broken hook, broken heart.

    Fishing on the River Urr at Dalbeattie today I hooked a good salmon on a size 10 double fly. After about 2 or 3 minutes the fish came off. On reeling in the fly I found that both points had broken off the hook at the bends.:mad: I don't buy cheap hooks. I use kamasans, partridge or loop what...
  2. ruby pennel595664

    December crossword trout and salmon

    Just been doing the T&S crossword for December. 17 down clue gives. Winged trout fly with red tail. 5,4,. The letters I have in the grid are P?T?R ?O?S? Which seems obviously to a be Peter Ross. As far as I am aware a Peter Ross has a golden pheasant tippet for the tail. Anyone know if the...
  3. ruby pennel595664

    fast buzzers

    Yesterday I was fishing a still water using a shipmans buzzer with white foam breathers . I caught a nice rainbow on the second cast , the fish took just as the fly landed on the surface. Then despite a fair number of fish showing on the surface nothing for over an hour other than a few swirls...
  4. ruby pennel595664

    Blankety blank

    Is there anybody out there having a "blank" time like me this season? Since the beginning of March I've had 4 outings fishing stillwater twice and river twice. Not only have I not caught a fish of any kind I've not even had an offer:( I know conditions have not been ideal, cold wind , bright...
  5. ruby pennel595664

    Mystery fish?

    Had a session at my club reservoir today had 4 browns and one other "trout?" which had a dark back but completely silver sides and a total absence of spots of any sort. The water does not have any river or stream flowing into it so it can't be a migratory fish. The reservoir in question is...
  6. ruby pennel595664

    River Enrick, Drumnadrochit.

    I'm going up to the highlands in May staying in self catering accommodation near Drumnadrochit. The property apparently looks over the river Enrick. I've tried looking on the net for any references to fishing on this river but so far come up blank. Anyone on the forum know anything about this...
  7. ruby pennel595664

    River Oich Fort Augustus

    I'm going up to Fort Augustus during the first week of May. In past years I've fished the Aberchalder estate water of the river Oich, permits were easily available from local outlets in Invergarry and Fort Augustus. I've heard that this has changed, does anyone know if this is the case? and if...
  8. ruby pennel595664

    Red Arrow

    Anyone ever heard of a trout fly called the 'Red Arrow' ? If so do you know the dressing. Heard mentioned whilst fishing earlier today but was not in a position to speak to the other anglers concerned at the time. Have tried 'googling' but with no success.
  9. ruby pennel595664

    Neoprene waders

    Has anyone any experience of L.C. Waders who have a factory in Anfield Liverpool. I'm looking to replace my current neoprene waist waders which are Ron Thompson. They were ok till the PVC boot split and although I've managed to repair them with aquasure I'm not too keen on PVC for the boot part...
  10. ruby pennel595664

    The Monkey.

    Hello All. Anyone out there know the dressing for a salmon fly called the Monkey. I believe it is usually dressed as a tube fly but I can't find any reference to it in any of my books. I presume it must be a recent "invention".