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  1. Graham721

    A morning on the river, short video...

    Thanks for the kind comments folks, I'm glad its watchable:thumbs: Here's hoping I can get out again soon:omg: Cheers, G
  2. Graham721

    A morning on the river, short video...

    Thanks folks, very kind, I'm glad you enjoyed. Jerry, it is a shame when the nights start drawing in, making after work trip impossible, is it the weekend yet?;) DB, the little Caddis is a star isn't he? The shot was a bit long but I had to leave him in! Mixed feelings about the balsam, I know...
  3. Graham721


    Interested to know how you got on as I'll be there in a week:)
  4. Graham721

    A morning on the river, short video...

    Quite often in the summer months my weekend fishing is restricted to early mornings, just a few hours then home before midday. I sometimes go for pike with a giant gurgler but more often take the 8ft 4wt and just fish for whatever I see, this was one such morning where I managed 7 species, some...
  5. Graham721

    Another Pike question..

    As Andy has stated it depends on the size of your river/depth and flow etc... In the summer I use just a floater(10wt on a 10wt rod) because mostly I'm fishing a gurgler at dawn or dusk, but will use general fish patterns that sink too, lower summer levels and the fact that Pike are more often...
  6. Graham721

    Landing Net for Pike

    Flomog, As you say you're planning on roving I guess you're bank fishing a lake, or river? I fish rivers and don't use a net, obviously this doesn't work if you have high banks etc but I usually wade or cast from a position where I can enter the water to land a Pike IF need be. This way...
  7. Graham721

    Top water Pike video...

    Just a short edit from early yesterday morning, only a small fish but I got my money's worth with an acrobatic display Cheers, Graham
  8. Graham721

    perch flys

    Something fishy;) Depending on what size you wish to catch and what gear you're using 12-8's damsels, 6-1/0's bunnies tied with rabbit zonker or slim pine squirrel in smaller sizes. Go big for large fish, beads or some weight at the head make for a jiggly action which is very attractive for...
  9. Graham721

    General Nature Photos

    Just rediscovered this damsel laying:)
  10. Graham721

    Grayling trotting...not long now :)

    EC, I fish the upper reaches of one or two relatively small rivers like this through the winter, if I stood I wouldn't catch much due to the lack of cover, sat on the bucket keeps me low enough to trot down to the fish, on bigger rivers I could trot further but here the runs are short...
  11. Graham721

    Grayling trotting...not long now :)

    Jeff, I was actually out trotting for dace on Sunday morning at first light believe it or not! I was hoping to get through them to the chub but sadly I just couldn't feed them off, not that I should complain of the sport:) here's a couple of pictures off the phone from last winters Roaching, I...
  12. Graham721

    Grayling trotting...not long now :)

    Although basically the same (and because I don't have many Grayling around here)it's the Roach I look forward to at this time of year, once the weed dies back a little and there's a flush through the upper reaches come alive once the temp drops a little;) I'm another Drennan fanboy and love my...
  13. Graham721

    Spey casting/ double handed rods

    Having bought a 7/8 switch rod earlier in the year I was keen to try it on the UK coast this summer, usually I use a 9ft 8wt or same length 10wt for bigger, or more air resistant flies like poppers and gurglers. I found that where the switch rod made sense(to me) was when using smaller flies up...
  14. Graham721

    Split Cane Options

    Just my two penneth... As has been said already there are a great many cane rod builders around these days, at one time it was all about the states when it came to bamboo but i'm very glad to be able to say that the UK has been holding it's own with fine rod builders for many years now... The...
  15. Graham721

    A few more brownies today(Vid)...

    Only rubbish ones i'm afraid, he was lively and did not want to pose, i'll see if i can edit a still from the undewater video;) T, Not the local this time;)
  16. Graham721

    Small streams thread?

    Saw the upper extent of the BEFS water today, somewhere near normal level(recent years) but does have a tinge to it, saw fish rise so it can't be too bad, far from pushing through, bet it looks great in a day or two if the weather stays as is. Hope this helps, Graham
  17. Graham721

    Small streams thread?

    Only a couple inches Mark but was well brown you'd prob be ok up the top end at D, may see it again later I'll report back;)
  18. Graham721

    Small streams thread?

    LRA was brown last night, didn't stop some poor soul trying though, I should imagine he blanked;)
  19. Graham721

    A few more brownies today(Vid)...

    Thanks and you're very welcome Kevin;)
  20. Graham721

    A few more brownies today(Vid)...

    Photobucket seems to take forever these days so i've jumbled a few stills in with a little underwater footage, needless to say an enjoyable day, hope you enjoy... Another good day on the stream 10.04.12. - YouTube Cheers, Graham