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  1. garyj

    For Sale: Hardy Zenith Sintrix 9' 6" #7

    I'm selling this as I seldom use it. Hardy Zenith 9'6" #7 in mint condition and only used a handfull of times. I've never used the cloth bag nor the alluminium rod tube so they are both as new. Looking for £310 posted (in the UK).
  2. garyj

    Wee wan for Orkney..

    .. or Leven:
  3. garyj

    Olive/Rootbeer Dablers

  4. garyj

    Messin' with Buzzers

    A few to try out...
  5. garyj


  6. garyj

    Orkney Wets

  7. garyj


  8. garyj

    Mirage & Neon Wet

    Leven in mind:
  9. garyj

    For Leven on 15th

  10. garyj

    OP Muddler

  11. garyj

    Ladies Bits.

  12. garyj


  13. garyj

    Orange flee wi' legs

  14. garyj

    Flee with legs

  15. garyj

    Hog Army

  16. garyj

    [Non Hopping] Half Hog

    Back to basics on this one:
  17. garyj

    Half Hog Hopper

    1st attempt at this style, C & C welcome :thumbs:
  18. garyj

    Claret & Mirage UV Cruncher

  19. garyj

    Minkie Hog II