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  1. ACW

    Shakespeare Float tube Sold as it was

    Due to severe COPD my tubing days are done . Collect from Highbury ,London and its yours with fins ! No Charge
  2. ACW

    Grayling society news

    Skip to content Using Gmail with screen readers Meet Hangouts 3 of 4,469 Announcing our new President Inbox John Walker - The Grayling Society <> 17:07 (1 hour ago) to me Dear Member After 5 years...
  3. ACW

    Faster than Amazon prime

    Once again steven aka Mr Trout has exceeded expectations ,fly line up on claasified friday afternoon posted yestrday (monday),arrived chez ACW this morning. Thanks Steven
  4. ACW

    more from the tackle vault ,anchor ,chain and long rope!

    As above ,my datchet anchoring set,folding heavy anchor 10foot of chain and enough rope to hold in 80+ foot of water.£20 must be collected from Highbury,cos its heavy! give me fifty and will throw in the shakespear float tube complete
  5. ACW

    Shakey Float tube

    Any one want a shakey float tube ,complete with pump and basic fins. £45.00 ,as its a big lump you woud need to collect from Lndon N5
  6. ACW

    The Barrows

    Lock down has got me fishing the barrows on sunday,thats yer brizzle ones Any guidance apreciated Thats for me and the boy (now in his mid twenties) Only blagdom boat available was a single nd I dont get Chew!
  7. ACW

    less than 1.5mm beads

    ACW is searching for some wee beads ,cant find anything smaller than 1.5mm . Help!!!
  8. ACW

    Fabby service phil@FTB

    Another under24 hour service from the Flytying Boutique ,all good stuff and even a wee packet of Haribo. Well stocked site thats easy to use !
  9. ACW

    ACW avoids a blank ,geldfeild carron

    Just back from a week on the gledfeild beat of the bonar bridge carron. Monday am river was somewhere in the - range on the guage by the bridge ,so shirt sleeves and the light switch rod ,wee flys ,after lunch pottered in my usual snails pace (bu**ered lungs and leg)up to my favorite pool the...
  10. ACW

    Col n Stan on Loch Brora

    T&S hit the post box this morning ,a fascinating article on drifty boat fishing loch Brora for springers ,our Cap'n fishy led the charge 4 to his rod and 2 for Mr H. Puts my half day last august for one finnock to shame!:omg:
  11. ACW

    headley's new book

    Coch-y bhondu books delivered me a blinder of a book ,Reflections on the Loch, by Stan headley. Not had time to go throigh it all ,but so far its been a great read ,any one thinking of fishing for brown trout from bank or boat should give this a look .
  12. ACW

    fly threader box

    yesterday saw me and the boy neeeding to tie on some tiny flys for the smutting grayling ,GAWD its hard with chilled fingers and polaroids with out varfocal and low light . so whats the best deal on fly threaders ,and big eye tiny hooks! The hooks preferably barbless.
  13. ACW

    Hi VIZ WF#4

    ACW is looking for the above ,seems no one does one.
  14. ACW

    Red Ibis

    Looking to dress the Hamish Stuart red Stuart ,needs wings tail and hackle in red Ibis ,any suggestions of a source .
  15. ACW

    Wanted silver hooks size #12/14

    Just an idea for a pattern I am playing with ,but some silver finish hooks as above would help, last ones I saw were Sue Burgess ones and the wire on those was only suitable for gudgeon sized fish. HELP
  16. ACW

    System 2 body wanted

    I would like to get a silver reel foot of a system 2; one of mine has the fat black foot that doesnt fit on some of my rods .. ebay prices look stupid for the whole thing . Sensible money or I could supply some silkcut shrimps.
  17. ACW

    Furled delights

    A small packet of joy arrived in todays post. Once again Mr Trout has excelled , one for me one for the boy .3 foot totally hi vis furlie 3 footers ,ideal for the hard of sigh old fashioned nymphers. Not the first time he has done me some specials ,he really has done a great job. Thank you Stephen !
  18. ACW

    Wandle on the Tube in T&S

    Theo Pike has had a rather good wee article in this months T&S. Well worth a read !
  19. ACW

    Edgardo Döna,Spey casting

    Does any one know about this member of the italian team ,and his style of still water spey casts.
  20. ACW

    Hardy fiber glass net

    ACW desperately searching a hardy superlite net in good condition . rather disapointed with an almost purchase the vendor was packing it to send to me and the spreader block snapped! Rather peeved (polite term):mad: