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    Thanks for your replies. I will look at your recommendations, even if the name "Extreme" sounds pretty violent. One friend suggested overlining by a line weight as he felt that they were under-rated re line weight. I am looking for a #5 rod for a new angler to use for nymphing and dry fly here...
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    Can any of the Maxcatch rods be classed as medium or medium /fast. On looking through the website, all are classed as fast action. I have owned briefly a 6wt some years ago which felt like a beanpole and I have been rather reluctant to renew any acquaintance with a wristbreaker. Owen
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    Carbon fibre handle

    I must confess that I bought a carbon fibre handle for an 8ft 5wt rod that I built up several years ago. It looks very cool with green mat to match the custom green rod. I bought the handle from US Ebay and it looks a very unique rod. However, while quite light and comfortable, I dont think that...
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    When is a Para Adams not a Para Adams

    I lost my last para adams in a fiesty fish a few days ago and that before I tied more, I would google it to get the correct pattern. What an amazing result when I checked the google images, all coloured hackles from dark ginger to pale grey, bodies of every description and colour including...
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    AFTM standards slipping away

    A year or so ago, I offered several 9ft 5wt rods to very experienced club members to guess the line weight of each. I covered over the manufacturers name and line weight on each rod. Each rod was tested separately with the same 5wt line.Their assessment varied between 4wt and 7 weight without...
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    How to Achieve Minimalistic Gear Perfection?

    What I dont see listed are my glasses. The other night I walked about 1km down the river to catch the evening rise at a pool which held some nice fish. Went to tie a fly on and -ugger ! My glasses were back at the car. I persevered to tie on a fly, it had to be a big one to see the eye. Finally...
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    ceramic stripping ring fault

    We glue ceramic inserts into wire frames as guides for wool winders and spinning wool. We make sure the eye fits pretty well and then just a light coat of superglue that will run right around the insert. We have tried a number of glues and this is the most effective with very few failures. Owen
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    Can/do trout spawn successfully in still waters?

    I am from the Rotorua area of the North Island of New Zealand. Many of our local lakes do not have enough inflows or outflows to keep the trout population constant and Fish and Game who monitor trout stocks, run a hatchery to maintain these stocks. They release fry at certain points on beaches...
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    French/Czech Nymph Rod advice

    Looks a really good price on these at present. £80 down from £190
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    French/Czech Nymph Rod advice

    Thanks for these great suggestions. It gives me some guidance and it seems that I am not alone. I will look at the agility, it wont break the bank and is available in a 4pc. I guess that at this stage, I am not a dedicated short line nympher so I would like to experiment with the technique...
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    French/Czech Nymph Rod advice

    I live in NZ and would like to learn about this style of nymphing without spending a fortune. I built up a 10ft 4wt after purchasing a suitable blank but although the tip is reasonably soft, the rod feels much more like a 5 or 6wt and is comfortable line casting both. I have had all sorts of...
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    How to do one of the most hypnotic tenkara presentations for surface-feeding fish (works on French leaders too)

    Things were going slowly while retrieving my lake lure so I thought I would try tapping the handle of the rod as per video. The immediate response was a fish monstering my fly in a savage take . Only problem was, it only worked once and the next hour remained fishless! Owen
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    Loop S1 - Is it worth swapping?

    The Verdict, Well I spent my money and now own a lovely Loop Cross S1. First impression was that it wasnt a lot different to my Evotec of the same length and weight but as I cast it, I realised there was a lot more to this rod. Powerfull but also reasonably gentle to use. Immediately a few...
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    Loop S1 - Is it worth swapping?

    Thanks for those most helpful replies. While I made a decision never in my life to buy another rod without first giviing it a good trial, already I have broken my promise if I buy this rod, and I think that I will. My decision is based partly on the price that I am able to buy this rod for and...
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    Loop S1 - Is it worth swapping?

    I already own a Loop Evotec 96 7wt which I use on lakes fishing streamers for big trout (as well as a 5wt stream rod). Loop have become my rods of choice and I appreciate the workmanship, the feel of the rod in your hand and their superb casting ability. I have been offered an Loop Cross S1...