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  1. Mrtrout

    Mortimer and Whitehouse.

    Sunday 8pm on BBC 2 new series in case you’ve missed it. S.
  2. Mrtrout

    Lamson Speedster 2 wanted, old model.

    After the above if anyone has one spare, must be a 2 old model in great condition. Cash waiting. S.
  3. Mrtrout

    Danielsson Dry Fly bearing change.

    Has anyone replaced the six bearings on this reel? Are they just a pressure fit, what method did you use to remove the existing ones. Thanks S.
  4. Mrtrout

    Unhappy camper.

    Appleby AA offer tickets online via the FishPal site, it works very well for us. Just occasionally I get feedback from anglers, usually complimentary but this chap made me laugh. He’s from Hants where no doubt they have manicured banks, up here we just offer wild trout fishing on unspoilt and...
  5. Mrtrout

    Centre storage bins for the car.

    Bought these recently a matching pair in black, they slide in between the seat and the centre console. Allows storage of bits and pieces, cup holder, and mobile with facilities in the base to run your charging cable. Tried them and they just don’t fit my car, but will fit most cars with a Centre...
  6. Mrtrout

    Hardy Marksman #5 WF fly line.

    New Hardy Marksman fly line this was briefly fitted to a reel then removed never fished. In Buckskin colour, new Roman Moser loops fitted both ends. Boxed and spooled. £22 posted.
  7. Mrtrout

    Rio Trout #5 line.

    NOW SOLD. This is a new line that was put on a reel but never used, it has new Roman Moser loops fitted both ends. Boxed spool etc. £25 posted. S.
  8. Mrtrout

    Good idea.?

    Think I’ll knock one of these up tomorrow.
  9. Mrtrout

    New Vision XLV reel and spare spool.

  10. Mrtrout

    Glasgow Angling Centre.

    Just a heads up for GAC, I ordered a rod from them Monday lunchtime, it was dispatched on Tuesday and arrived today. I always worry about rods in transit getting chucked about but this was the best packaging I’ve seen to date. UPS arrived well within the designated slot, I received a strong...
  11. Mrtrout

    Sage VPS 9ft #4 fly rod.

    NOW SOLD. Bought this recently but I’ve decided I’ve too many rods in this size so it has to go. Its in very nice clean condition and little used, Nice rod for both dry fly and nymphs. Complete with sock and tube obviously and price includes postage. £195.00 S
  12. Mrtrout

    New Hardy Ultraclick 4000 fly reel.

    Withdrawn no longer for sale.
  13. Mrtrout

    Your opinions on this?

    Im just interested what you think. S.
  14. Mrtrout

    Brand new Sage Spectrum 5/6

  15. Mrtrout

    They say a trout has a brain the size of a pea?

    I can assure you they don’t, I sat by a pool today watching a trout scoffing LDOs, it was happily taking them off the top. I got in position just below him, and put a fly over him, it was a Griffiths gnat, don’t ask me why it just came to hand when I opened my box. Several casts later he rose...
  16. Mrtrout

    Pair of as new Bison boots size 13.

    NOW TAKEN, I recently got these off a nice forum member for the cost of postage etc, unfortunately they are too big, I’ve tried everthing but I can’t live with them. They are the rubber soled ones and I was amazed just how nice they are, great quality. So I’ll offer them back to the forum...
  17. Mrtrout

    Replacement sew in type nets.

    I want to replace the rubber mesh net on my scoop net with a minnow mesh net, must be the type that’s sewn into the frame, not the loop over the frame type. ive googled Snowbee and loads of others but no joy yet, can anyone advise please. I need one 272x420 mm internal. Thanks.
  18. Mrtrout

    CDC best quality.

    As above I need to purchase some in tan and black, can anyone advise who supplies really good ones at a decent price? There was a lady who sold it that was recommended to me but ive lost her details. Thanks S.
  19. Mrtrout

    2x traditional Reels for cane or glass rods.

    Withdrawn Steven.