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  1. reefguy63

    Dyna-King Squire Vice *** sold

    Having recently upgraded to a Barracuda Rotary, my faithful Dyna-King Squire is available. With the C-Clamp - some signs of age, but works great. Standard jaws now sold
  2. reefguy63

    Maxcatch Avid 3/4 Blue with Spare Spool - withdrawn

    Bought over 12 months ago, backing added and since been sat unused in my cupboard. Lovely light reel with disc drag. No longer for sale - my son has claimed it
  3. reefguy63

    500+ Stillwater flies in C&F Style Box - Sold

    Having moved exclusively to river fishing, thought I may as well thin down my collection. Mix of self tied and some commercial flies with a nice blend of dries, nymphs, wets and lures. Some used and some never seen water. Well over 500 in a C&F copy swing leaf. All bases covered; Klinks, DHE...
  4. reefguy63

    Sold: Orvis Hydros HD Trout WF-3-F Line

    **SOLD** As the title - bought two seasons ago and used on about 2 occasions before respooling. Been sat in my cupboard since. Original box and spool. Willow belly/taper with light orange running line. Front loop intact. Checked it out and as would be expected in great condition, no significant...
  5. reefguy63

    Hanak Superlight 396 9’6” #3 - Sold

    ** Sold ** Superb Nymphing rod which also throws a nice dry. Excellent condition. Reduced to £220 with UK RMSD
  6. reefguy63

    Dynaking...Great Service

    Glasgow Angling Currently have the jaws in stock - £115 though!
  7. reefguy63

    Klinkhammer Hackle Recommendations

    Thanks for your advice guys.
  8. reefguy63

    Klinkhammer Hackle Recommendations

    Thanks - mines a Whiting bronze grade saddle - may be i‘m being a bit OCD , just like to see a little more span!
  9. reefguy63

    Klinkhammer Hackle Recommendations

    Hi All! Looking for your recommendations for sourcing a good quality hackle for my klinks why tying #12 & #14 on partridge klink hooks. Find my metz #2 is ok for length but a little flimsy and my whiting dry hackles nice density but too short in length. thanks
  10. reefguy63

    Hanak Superlight 9’6” #3

    In great condition - superb Euro Nymphing rod, also throws a dry nicely. Cork a little grubby, but otherwise no cosmetic issues as far as I can see. £275 ×
  11. reefguy63

    Sage 4230

    Lovely reel - just not being used. Superb drag and very light - best suited to #3. Only a few light marks on rim - tried to capture in pics. Can’t find box, but will come with original neoprene pouch. Line will be removed (gave it a last outing as a nymphing rig). £150
  12. reefguy63

    Greys Mk 1 Streamflex 6'6" #3

    Greys Mk 1 Streamflex 6'6" #3 Hardly used and in great condition. Great short rod to stick in the rucksack for those hikes to mountain tarns and becks. £100 posted within UK
  13. reefguy63

    Sage Z-Axis 486-4

    Rod Sold - thanks to buyer and Flyfishing forums Factory Z-Axis 486-4 (#4 8'6") Great river rod - just not getting the love since I discovered the French Nymph! Excellent condition £225 posted in UK
  14. reefguy63

    Looking for small stream rod

    May have something surplus to my needs that would fit your requirements. PM on its way Mark
  15. reefguy63

    Swap: My Salmon / Switch Outfit for Czech Nymph Rod

    Looking to acquire a 9.5-10' #3 Czech Nymph Rod - Something like a Greys Streamflex Plus would be ideal I can offer the following Salmon / Switch outfit as a swap with appropriate adjustment as necessary I bought this lightly used through the forum 12 months ago as a potential Pike fly outfit...
  16. reefguy63

    Vision Ikon 2.0 Chest Waders - Medium

    *** SOLD *** Vision Ikon 2 Chest Waders -Size M Bought as a brand new seam sealed pair from Diver Dave March 18 Only had very light use over a season where I didn't get much opportunity to get in the river. Briefly tested them in the river last week and all is nice and water tight. Only...
  17. reefguy63

    Cape Clear-out!

    Time to clear out some stuff and fund some new! What I have is a Large Cookshill Natural Black Cock - a really lush cape offering a great range of feather sizes - I'd say down to an #18 The other are all David Rice Chinese Rooster Capes as far as I can recall (all have been stored in a single...
  18. reefguy63

    Lamson Radius R2 Spare Spool

    Lamson Radius R2 Spare Spool Complete with box and neoprene pouch As pictured. Looking for £30 posted within UK A little bank rash around edges. Will come with backing fitted (was spooled with a Rio Mainstream WF5F which could be included for an extra £20).
  19. reefguy63

    Orvis Clearwater 7'6" #3

    Orvis Clearwater 7'6" #3 Rod now sold Need to thin down my increasing collection! Generally in very cood condition - cork a little grubby through use. Lovely little stream rod - nice medium-tip action. Rod sold
  20. reefguy63

    Hooks and beads

    I'll like to take those if still available!