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  1. ACW

    Rod for general lough style fishing Ireland.

    I still own several B&W 11.3 and fish the lighter line one from time to time
  2. ACW

    Skeleton Beadle (variation)

    its reminicent of a shadow shrimp ,a pattern from the 80s which had a article in T&S ! thats because of the tippet cut out !
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    Understanding Casting

    Some folks are great casters not all of those can teach well . I did a Falkus 5 day speycasting course many years ago ,had a great time met a few folk I still talk to some 30 years later ,yes I was about able to do the standard cast ,but hey 5 days ! Mick Bloke Bell had my son casting the single...
  4. ACW

    Ultimate stockie bashing

    I really dont know ,the owner of the beat sold of half of it and it was not value for me at the time .
  5. ACW

    Ultimate stockie bashing

    Re the Chess rainbows ,I had a rod on the stretch below Latimer Park for 3 /4 years back in early 80s We caught a few but mainly browns . they did seem different to the derbyshire ones and didnt reach large sizes frow what I saw . the last year I had a rod the river started to smell of sewerage...
  6. ACW

    Mortimer and Whitehouse.

    What he said !!!!
  7. ACW

    Best dry fly rod

    Ht 4 from sexyloops.#previously would haave said harrison 9ft#4 and even before that a bucknall britewater in the same make up !
  8. ACW

    Guess the weight 2

  9. ACW

    The Fly Tiers Guild, Date confusion?

    Neil why not contact the Pub ,they might know !
  10. ACW

    Walker's Mayfly Nymph

    If i am not wrong (possible) the #11 fly is the earlier version dressed with ostritch herl ,not angora wool !
  11. ACW

    Radnorshire Wildlife Trust-Save the Wye campaign

    In my case I have no likely hood of fishing the wye again ,but did send my comments .
  12. ACW

    Silver Creek Fly rod 7' #4/5

    I seem to remember them being sold by Mullarkeys !
  13. ACW

    Anyone use Asso fluoro?

    asso has served me well ,finer for stated bs than Fulling mill !
  14. ACW

    Daiwa Lochmor Z 10' 7#

    Just a shame about currane .
  15. ACW

    Float tube for tall guy.

    My Shakey tube just gone on classified !
  16. ACW

    Shakespeare Float tube Sold as it was

    Due to severe COPD my tubing days are done . Collect from Highbury ,London and its yours with fins ! No Charge
  17. ACW

    Unhappy camper.

    Ben the green ashtray was set up proper ,not like you rebels and those europeans!
  18. ACW

    Unhappy camper.

    tottally strange I have memories of not even noticing the slope on arivall in the green ashtray (peugot 406)
  19. ACW

    Orvis on the High Street

    Walthamstow fly fishers have discount at both orvis and farlows for their members !
  20. ACW

    Orvis on the High Street

    Thats not forgetting Farlowes just a strolll away