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    County Durham Derwent.

    Looking for a little advice please, I'm interested the Derwent Angling Club, but before I do, I need some information, I'm disabled, my walking isn't the best and I have a back weakness, if anyone fishes the river, could they suggest areas I can access easily and somewhere to park within a...
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    Flies that just dont work.....for me

    Talking of the Peter Ross, a guy I knew fished Witton Lakes in County Durham for years and caught the majority of his fish on it, if asked, he said he was using buzzers and Dawsons.
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    Missing in action for several years.

    Thank you for the welcomes, sadly, I've been MIA again for a short while, but, with a bit of good luck and health, I shall be back at the vice soon.
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    Check out this vintage classic I just bought..

    I'm not 100% certain, but somewhere in the back of my head, I think the reels were made by Olympic, a Japanese reel manufacturer.
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    Anyone fish on the Swale?

    Hi all, I'm looking for some information on the Swale, Richmond area please. Ta.
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    Ouch! Tales of falling, slipping and sliding.

    I'm a below knee amputee, once, after fishing a pool, I had to climb over a fence to get to the next pool, I got over, but put my leg into a rabbit hole, snapping the prosthetic limb in half, I looked like a cross between Tolouse Latrec and Quasimodo going back to the car. It was over 400 yards...
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    Nikon D3300 outfit and extra lens.

    Nikon D3300 DSLR with about 1,000 actuations, with Nikon Nikkor 18-55mm AF-P lens and an unused Nikon Nikkor AF-S 35mm 1.8 lens, charger and 2 batteries, it also comes in Lowepro Topload Zoom 1 bag. £420 posted. All in as new condition.
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    August 2018 Caption Competition sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Well Fido, it's time to try fishing a dead bait!
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    What's the strangest thing that happened to you whilst fishing?

    Caught a bat and a duck while fly fishing during the night, my best one though, was watching and being invited to join a naturist swimming in a deep pool, just to add, the naturist was female, otherwise I would not have gone in! :fish2:
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    Summer Trout

    Lovely and relaxing, plus some great fatties.
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    Wanted 6#

    Is a Wychwood SLA Truefly 9' 6" on a 6# or a Greys Greyflex M2 9' 6" on a 6/7# any use to you? Both are as new and used twice only. Alan.
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    River wear

    I was walking the dog on Wolsingham stretch last Wednesday and note from a large stone on the bankside, that the water was 17 inches below normal level, the water is moving, but is very slow and a bit warm. There was no fly life about and no fish taking on the top, wether there were fish...
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    Finally, a hatch!

    I was walking the dog on the middle reaches of the River Wear last night and actually saw a hatch of flies, the first I've personally seen in any number this year, but no fish were showing, even in the deeper, slower and more sheltered pools. A friend called me this morning to tell me, he fished...
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    A scary prospect for other rivers.

    UK heatwave: Photos show dramatic impact on River Teme - BBC News
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    We need some rain!!!!

    The Wear is very low, so low, that the minnows have their backs out of the water.
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    A right royal boost for healthier rivers

    The situation is as Bumble said, the EA are stocking the rivers of the North East for free, but trout have to be triploid and paid for by the individual clubs and syndicates. What's the point of putting barren fish in the rivers when the trout numbers are already very low? The Tyne and the Wear...
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    Dire circumstances.

    Surely number of fish rising doesn't necessarily equate to the number of fish in the river!? I agree with your statement Northern Fly, but many fishermen I've spoken to and had meetings with for the last 15-20 years, all sing from the same hymn sheet, fish are no where near the numbers there...
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    Landmark court case.

    Anglers along the River Wear, from source to sea, have for years, suffered illegal canoeing and on many occasion, verbal abuse and threatened with violence, I have been one of a great deal of people who have been targeted. The EA are aware of this issue and don't want to know, they claim the...