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    When is a Para Adams not a Para Adams

    I lost my last para adams in a fiesty fish a few days ago and that before I tied more, I would google it to get the correct pattern. What an amazing result when I checked the google images, all coloured hackles from dark ginger to pale grey, bodies of every description and colour including...
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    French/Czech Nymph Rod advice

    I live in NZ and would like to learn about this style of nymphing without spending a fortune. I built up a 10ft 4wt after purchasing a suitable blank but although the tip is reasonably soft, the rod feels much more like a 5 or 6wt and is comfortable line casting both. I have had all sorts of...
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    Loop S1 - Is it worth swapping?

    I already own a Loop Evotec 96 7wt which I use on lakes fishing streamers for big trout (as well as a 5wt stream rod). Loop have become my rods of choice and I appreciate the workmanship, the feel of the rod in your hand and their superb casting ability. I have been offered an Loop Cross S1...