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    Sherry spinner - messing at the vice

    I've never been happy with sherry spinner imitations, especially those in small sizes. 1. Traditional dry fly hackles twist really fine tippets when used in fast glassy water when there's a need to let the fly go downstream past fish before lifting off - much of this depends on river speed and...
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    How many rods have you actually fished with this year?

    With single fly challenge and two Hardy's for it all threads, I'd a think how many rods I've actually fished with this year (and not just cast for 10 mins or tried in the garden). I've maybe fished 60 sessions to date, curtailed from normal due to restrictions and water levels. Sessions varied...
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    Ending a streak

    After five blanks on a new mark, finally had one stay stuck. Approx 18"-19" , so 3lb perhaps. I've really been struggling on a mussel bank to connect and stay connected, but found a little deeper water with some weed a little further up the estuary. He was nose down in a stopper created by...
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    Barbed jig hooks

    Before i get the barbless lecture, I fish barbless for all trout and most Salmon, but I need a barbed jig hook for targeting mullet over mussel beds. Mullet will shed a barbless on their first nose rub. An offset bead wont do it either, want to keep weight to a minimum in 6"-2' of water. I...
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    Mono butt indicators for thick lips

    Afternoon, so the Mullet are winning at the moment, last few outings I've struggled to connect on the take. There haven't been huge numbers on the last few tides and takes have been very delicate but I'm missing them more than I'd expect - not even making contact. So, I've added a 12" red...
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    Maxcatch gold in the salt - useful head lengths

    I've been using a maxcatch gold this last week chasing mullet and have found the longer head lengths really useful, not from a casting point of view, but from a fishing perspective. Rrely targeting fish more than 20 yards away, the longer head of 48' with a 10' rod and 12' leader means i'm not...
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    8'6" #3 blank - any ideas

    Looked at a few of the usual sites and can't find anyone making/selling a 8'6" #3. Anyone know of any
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    Adding a fighting butt

    Morning all, I've been "gifted" a Maxcatch 8'6" #6 S glass rod. On first impressions I know why it's been gifted, the rod casts lovely, but it's REALLY tip heavy. I've been able to get a balance at the front of the cork with a reel+ line in the region of 290g! That reel is just too big and...
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    How much thread used on a rod

    I've an old orvis im going to rewhip. Its a nighttime sea trout rod and has been fairly trashed, varnish all cracked, a few stray ends etc. So, approximatley how much thread does it take to whip a fly rod. Say a 10', three section, 10 (IIRC) double legged rings? I ask as i have a spool of navy...
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    Bloke XLSG UD Fibreglass fly rod blank 8'0 3-piece 5wt

    I see a few have built the bloke XLSD is lighter weights, has amuone built the 5 weight? Just looking to get user opinions on performance, action, best line weights. Thanks
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    Pandemic planning - reciprocal arrangements?

    Hopefully we're all on the way out of this now, although those of us in the ROI need to wait a little longer before we can travel as freely as within the UK. A couple of clubs of which I'm a member have been really proactive regarding membership fees due to Covid. One has cut fees to match...
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    Glass rods for streamers, what do you use?

    Evening all Do any of you use glass for the big streamers for trout in medium to large rivers? I'm happy with the small to medium streamers on whatever carbon outfit I am using at the time, usually a 3 or 4wt. I also have a dedicated medium fast 6wt streamer rod for the big heavy articulated...
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    Decent thermal bib n brace?

    Last Christmas (as a present) I replaced a 15 year old sundridge heavy weight Siberian bib n brace with a new Diawa one (Appeared to be the same design). The sundrige was still water proof etc but starting to feel a little short (due to me be rounder than I was 15+ years ago) and tight. The new...
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    Irish Rivers Open 2021

    An increase over last year, two of my favourite spate rivers going from C&R to surplus. I just hope there's a genuine trend/improvement and not an outlier due to increased rod days and poachers in lockdown...
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    A year without buying tackle?

    I buy a lot of tackle, reels and lines in particular, not to mention capes and other fly tying materials. Rods I'm not too bad with, I mostly buy mid to top end second hand rather than new, current fly rod count around 20ish, everything from #2 through to Spey #9/10. Anyway, I've been made...
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    Reels (by volume)

    So, there's always lots of chat about reel capacities etc, and the tackle trade don't help in their inconsistency/lack of data. I've started to calculate an approximate max usable volume of my reels, helpful when moving lines around, and may be useful to others when purchasing. I've only been...
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    Stretchable pearl mylar

    For years I've stretched pearl mylar for ribbing. It looks amazing when wet, on small nymphs or buzzers. Used it on some smaller salmon patterns also. Anyway, I've been using Dragon pearl mylar for this for years and am at the end of my last spool. I've just tried to stretch some Uni...
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    Navan Anglers - anyone a member?

    Morning Just wondered if anyone on here was a member, I’m looking some info. Ping me if you have a few mins to spare. thanks
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    Line ID

    Morning all I bought a reel and spools on eBay and it came with a mix of lines. One I’d particularly like to ID. On the back of the cartridge was written Aqua SK, and WF6 highlighted. WF6 appears about right when I put the head on the scales. I’ve googled aqua etc and haven’t found anything...
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    Rods/outfits for children - suggestions

    Evening all I’ve two nephews into fishing and it’s time to get them their first fly fishing kit for Christmas. It’s been many years since I looked at beginner kits, and why do you know, beginner kits aren’t common anymore. Anyway, they are 11 and 12, strapping lads, and I know I’m going to...