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  1. fisherman  mick

    Raw eggstacy

    Hi all I’ve been hunting to find pre dyed eggstacy with no joy at all. Does anyone know what it’s true name is or where to get it from? I’m assuming it’s some kind of yarn that’s been repurposed for fly tying. cheers Mick
  2. fisherman  mick

    XDA Reel rattle

    Hi just bought a second hand XDA but the spool feels loose. When I shake the reel I can feel/hear the spool rattling/knocking about. nothing too serious, just would like to sort it if possible. any ideas? Cheers :thumbs:
  3. fisherman  mick

    Scierra HM2

    Got one now.thanks Don't know how to delete this lol
  4. fisherman  mick

    5 New Fly Lines

    Fly Lines, 5 in total... All NEW. 2x Masterline Graduate Lines DT8N Neutral 1x Masterline Graduate Lines DT7N Neutral 1x Masterline Challenge WF9UFS Sink with its own Fly Box 1x Leeda Galion Extra Line,comes with Loop and Backing attached.WF7S Sink see pic All Lines are NEW. After £35...
  5. fisherman  mick

    Bespoke oak Fish filleting board - handmade

    Selling THIS £20 delivered to forum members inbox me if you're interested, payments via paypal sent as a gift.
  6. fisherman  mick

    Diy Filleting board

    Bored, so made myself a nice big filleting board, for all the massive fish I am gonna catch this year. Not bad for my first attempt lol :D just thought I'd share
  7. fisherman  mick

    Orvis 6/7# or 7/8# LA Reel

    Gonna be looking to buy an orvis reel around the end of the month, to go with my western 3, so just testing the water? Something like a Battenkill or Mach III Cheers :thumbs:
  8. fisherman  mick

    Fast tip action rod

    Looking for a secondhand good condition fast tip action rod. 9' or 9'6" in length and about 6/7# on a budget, so no more than about £50-£60. Cheers :thumbs:
  9. fisherman  mick

    Scierra HM2

    Scierra HM2 wanted. 9' or 9'6" for a 6 7 or 8 weight line. Wish I never sold my last one :( Cheers Mick
  10. fisherman  mick

    Airflo Tec-MT 9'6" Fly Rod #6/7

    This is a nice rod in good condition, I caught fish with it last week, but looking for something with a tip action. £37.50 ovno posted. Payment via paypal please. I will send in its original bag and tube and put it inside a bigger tube for security. PM if interested.
  11. fisherman  mick

    #7/8 LA reel

    Hello my lovely fellow fishermen :p I'm looking for a large arbour 7/8 reel. around the £25-£30 mark as money very limited. :( any offers? Cheers Mick
  12. fisherman  mick

    Boat Seat

    Boat Seat wanted for Disabled Angler. Don't fish from Boats a great amount apart from The Jack Charlton, or the Lord Davenport at Sweethope, but due to my disabilities I will have to start Boat fishing more, as walking around the Bank sides on uneven ground is getting unsafe for me. Collection...
  13. fisherman  mick

    Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor 111

    This has been sold...
  14. fisherman  mick

    Scierra Aquatex Pro Trousers

    SOLD Yours for the bargain price of £47.50 delivered... PM me if interested