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  1. Eddie O'Neill

    Worth a watch

    Not been on in a while, so apologies if this has been posted already. Found this on the North American Forum, great video, great characters and some of the one liners are classic enjoy. WHERE THE BIG FISH RISES, Part one Slovenia FULL MOVIE ( Fly fishing, Marble " MARMORATA " trout ) - YouTube
  2. Eddie O'Neill

    Tiger Woods

    It's drama here, what do you think, should he disqualify himself?
  3. Eddie O'Neill

    Ice Fishing

    We have had a lot of snow over the past two weeks and the temperatures have really dropped. On average it's been 10 deg F overnight. No chance of chucking the fluff, so I had a go at Ice Fishing yesterday for small mouth Bass. Got my self and Ice Auger and this little bit of kit. The Ice was...
  4. Eddie O'Neill

    Ryder Cup 2012

    The time is fast approaching:) Can't wait for the start on Friday morning. This is gong to be a real cracker, lots of hype:D In my new home you definitely get a different perspective on things. Everything and everyone is analysed to death. The commentators really could do with a few lessons in...
  5. Eddie O'Neill

    One for Mr Trout

    Went into the Orvis store in Boston today, escaped minus only $55. Some lovely gear and a few reels for Mr Trout
  6. Eddie O'Neill

    Gateway Hooks

    Whilst browsing I found these, can't remember it being discussed on here. Anyone use them? Gateway Hook Company | "No-Tie" Loop 'N Lock System Flies
  7. Eddie O'Neill

    Gold for Andy

    Well done young man::thumbs: He's had more than his fair share of disappointments. But the boy did well today, gutsy performance:thumbs::thumbs: His maw must be proud, and she did smile:thumbs:
  8. Eddie O'Neill

    The Open

    It's underway, looking forward to four days of great Golf. Would love to see a U.K. Winner. Westwood or Donald. I reckon McDowell is worth a punt, as is Tiger
  9. Eddie O'Neill

    What is this ?

    I seen this on the bank of the river Teith last week. Any ideas ? It's about 2' 6" An otter ?
  10. Eddie O'Neill

    Web Cam River Teith

    Looking for a link to a web cam for the river Teith. Checked the links on here, but can't find anything.
  11. Eddie O'Neill

    Lefty Kreh App

    Some pretty good tutorials from Lefty. Fly Fishing with Lefty Kreh: Special Casts
  12. Eddie O'Neill

    The Masters 2012

    Ok, first Major of the year and Augusta looks great. To all you Golfers out there, who is going to win? My prediction is Luke Donald:thumbs::thumbs: Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Lee Westwood in the top 5. Outside chances for Hunter Mahan and Phil Mickelson.
  13. Eddie O'Neill

    Hosepipe Ban

    Just seen Sky news. Seven water companies in southern and eastern England have introduced hosepipe bans. A reporter was at Pitsford, very low indeed. And it's not even Summer:eek:
  14. Eddie O'Neill

    Free Buzzers to a beginner

    I've been having a clear out and I have way too many buzzers. I've put together two packs, each contain 100+. They are sizes 10,12,16 mainly tied on Kamasan B100's some B175's All different colours, some gold heads also, a real mixed bag.:) So two packs available, to be given separately...
  15. Eddie O'Neill

    £25 Voucher for Hartley Fly

    Folks, this is the voucher I won for the December Fish & Fly Caption competition. £25 to spend with Hartley Fly. Fishing Flies and Fly Fishing - Hartley Fly Fishing - Buy Online Auction ends January 31st.
  16. Eddie O'Neill


    Folks, I'm looking for some gold and silver ribbing. The spools I had were not marked so no idea of the manufacturer. Also the ribbing tended to flake when wound. It's for GRHE and ribs on wet flies. I've had a look at a few sites but can't seem to find what I'm after. Hope this makes sense.
  17. Eddie O'Neill

    Orvis Sale

    Orvis® Sale Outlet | Summer Clothes Sale | Clothes on Sale | Overstock Items Online | Clothing Store Clearance | Discount Shoes|Sale Outlet -- Orvis
  18. Eddie O'Neill

    Bronze Mallard

    I'm looking for some decent feathers. I got some on ebay, but they were pretty poor. Any recommendations ?
  19. Eddie O'Neill

    Dabbler Question

    After reading Scratch's article on Dabblers, I decided to tie a few. I looked through the classics on here and a few videos to get some tips, however I am still a little confused over the Wing. :thumbs: It seems on some that the wing is spun around the hook and others not. Is this a personal...