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    County Durham Derwent.

    Looking for a little advice please, I'm interested the Derwent Angling Club, but before I do, I need some information, I'm disabled, my walking isn't the best and I have a back weakness, if anyone fishes the river, could they suggest areas I can access easily and somewhere to park within a...
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    Anyone fish on the Swale?

    Hi all, I'm looking for some information on the Swale, Richmond area please. Ta.
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    Nikon D3300 outfit and extra lens.

    Nikon D3300 DSLR with about 1,000 actuations, with Nikon Nikkor 18-55mm AF-P lens and an unused Nikon Nikkor AF-S 35mm 1.8 lens, charger and 2 batteries, it also comes in Lowepro Topload Zoom 1 bag. £420 posted. All in as new condition.
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    Finally, a hatch!

    I was walking the dog on the middle reaches of the River Wear last night and actually saw a hatch of flies, the first I've personally seen in any number this year, but no fish were showing, even in the deeper, slower and more sheltered pools. A friend called me this morning to tell me, he fished...
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    A scary prospect for other rivers.

    UK heatwave: Photos show dramatic impact on River Teme - BBC News
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    Landmark court case.

    Anglers along the River Wear, from source to sea, have for years, suffered illegal canoeing and on many occasion, verbal abuse and threatened with violence, I have been one of a great deal of people who have been targeted. The EA are aware of this issue and don't want to know, they claim the...
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    Wild garlic.

    I know the seasons are running late this year, but I noticed this morning that the garlic is only just flowering up here.
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    Swap my Greys Greyflex M2 9' 6" 6/7#. (used once).

    For similar 7'6" to 8' 3 or 4#.
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    Nylon leader with flouro/co-polymer droppers.

    I only fished once last year and that was in a friendly competition, my boatman made up a three fly leader using flouro, I wasn't happy with it, it snapped off twice at the droppers, so I went back to my Maxima cast with no issues. I'm getting back into fishing more now after a change in...
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    Oh no, not another which rod question.

    Yes, it's one of those.....I've been to collect the last of my tackle from my old home and found my ex had stacked them in the corner of the attic and piled other stuff on top, my spinning rod was the only one not in a tube, I found it snapped just above the cork handle. :thumbsdown:. I've had...
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    Dire circumstances.

    I went out with the dog at 6.30, we walked a good 1,000-1,200 yards of the river bank, the place was swarming with flies, spinners, little ones dancing above the water and so many more, at no time did I see a fish rise, not one, I knew the river was suffering from a lack of trout, but not this...
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    Missing in action for several years.

    Hi all, I have to apologise for my non appearance for so long, I've been subject to a catalogue of medical issues and a great deal more, including two seizures, a split with my partner, a death threat, depression, chronic back pain, memory loss and several other problems. However, I'm now in...
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    2017 Consultation on net limitations.

    Below is a link to a very important chance for all salmon and sea trout anglers to made a great difference to the future stock of these migratory fish. Could as many of you fill it in and...
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    North country wet/spider pattern book wanted.

    As above please.
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    Killer shrimp are in the river Wear.

    I was told today that these horrible and very dangerous little critters have been found on the Wear today at Durham, all sightings of them have to be reported, see the link below for details, these must not be allowed to spread...
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    Important news for anglers on the River Wear in Durham.

    This a press release sent out to the local papers in the North east today. A halt to free fishing, on a stretch of the River Wear in the heart of Durham City, has been ordered to combat what conservationists have condemned as “salmon and sea trout poaching on an industrial scale.” A new bylaw...
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    Urgent info for river game anglers.

    I've just been made aware of the below report made by the EA regarding fish with UDN or another fish disease, many anglers know that any trout stocked in rivers, lakes and reserviors, must now be triploid (cannot breed), if there is a catastrophic fish kill in any UK river, there will be no...
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    Trout and grayling strategy meeting.

    The Angling Trust are holding a meeting this Saturday, 6th September in Darlington, many north east anglers have requested the meeting to discuss the issue with the compulsory stocking of triploids, it's not just for the north east, the triploid stocking issue will envelop the whole country next...
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    Insurance renewal (worth checking your own).

    I was informed by a good friend this morning who is a member of several clubs and syndicates, that the insurance renewal arrived yesterday for his home club and he was horrified by the wording, according to his insurers, his club cannot allow anyone under the age of 16 years old to fish without...
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    Alvey sidecast reel.

    Looking for a small 4-5" Alvey side cast reel, anyone got one to sell?