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  1. soldierpmr

    Fish hooked in eye!

    They can even grow up with a broken back. :unsure:
  2. soldierpmr

    Biggest ever wild Brownie in UK waters.

    I wouldn’t count the fish from Awe either as it’s fed on pellets.
  3. soldierpmr

    Biggest ever wild Brownie in UK waters.

    I didn’t think the records counted if the fish were caught from waters that held fish farms. Basically fish that have been eating pellets. I believe it was 24lb something the old record that stuck
  4. soldierpmr

    Biggest ever wild Brownie in UK waters.

    The boot isn’t aligned with the tail I remember the fish being around 30 to 31. I didn’t think 31 would be a record in the Uk edit sorry just doubled checked it was 29 inches
  5. soldierpmr

    Biggest ever wild Brownie in UK waters.

    I must of held a record for a year then without knowing. Before you pounce on me she was far to large for the trout net I had on me and she was only out the water for the photo. The boot is 13 1/4 inches for scale
  6. soldierpmr

    Will a Sea Trout or Salmon take trout flies

    6lb Sewin took the point nymph. Happens quite a lot also lost a couple of salmon on nymphs on a 2wt rod.
  7. soldierpmr

    Welsh anglers can go fishing.

    As far as I am aware it never really “closed” I have not had a chance to go out yet but maybe over this weekend I will pop out on the quieter little stream. I would say under current guidelines there is no issue with you fishing.
  8. soldierpmr

    Welsh anglers can go fishing.

    I’m seeing people driving to the forestry everyday...
  9. soldierpmr

    The SFCA proposal for returning to fishing...

    Well I’m still going to work every day as a key worker but I can’t fish at the moment. Shouldn’t I be able to fish because I’m working? If you are locked in because you are at a higher risk of death you shouldn’t even be out shopping let alone thinking of fishing. A relative or friend should be...
  10. soldierpmr

    The SFCA proposal for returning to fishing...

    If your shielding you shouldn’t be leaving your property. What’s that got todo with fishing?
  11. soldierpmr

    2002...Foot & mouth?

    Our club is already up this year stangely.
  12. soldierpmr

    Strange one.

    it went off for 10 minutes here then dipped twice
  13. soldierpmr

    Still fishing.

    Cycling has only been allowed because Bojo is a avid fan. In my opinion it should only be walking and running allowed. As I am currently still working the amount of bikes on the road at the moment is getting ridiculous. The amount of people I see driving to the forestry so they can then ride is...
  14. soldierpmr

    Recommended flies for the Lake District

    Trad wets. A bibio should be in your cast, black gnat and wet olives. Zonker patterns always worked well for me too. Again small and black size 14s I used mainly with the traditional flies.
  15. soldierpmr

    Moral dilemma with COVID

    So can you fish if you can walk to the water?
  16. soldierpmr

    March 15th How Was It For You

    I’ll show you next meeting as I’m from the town that holds the competition 🥴
  17. soldierpmr

    Why is fly fishing in the UK not as cool and young as America?

    I think it’s dress code mainly. Would you be happy seeing some one clad in a Adidas tracks suit and hoody on your local stretch?
  18. soldierpmr

    Whaaat? How much?

    Was always a husky fan until I tried the new Stihl 500i. I believe the injection gives an extra 20hp
  19. soldierpmr

    Pocket knifes

    You know me Colin we don’t have manicured lawns to fish off in Wales. We also don’t pay the same stupid prices they do in Hampshire either.
  20. soldierpmr

    Pocket knifes

    I actually carry a 9inch Leuku in the back of my fishing jacket. I use it a lot for river side management and cutting new routes. I also carry a Opinal 8 for gutting and I also have a Gerber suspension I’ve had for years and take to work every day too. So I usually have 3 different knives for...