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  1. ruby pennel595664

    September caption competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    I can see there could be problems if one tried this after catching a large pike! That vasectomy that you were thinking about may very well be redundant.
  2. ruby pennel595664

    A bogey fly...

    Sawyers pheasant tail nymph tied to the original specification just using pheasant tail fibres and copper wire. Never had any joy on it on rivers or still waters. Tweak it a bit then it is a different matter. Tied with a peacock herl thorax or an orange or pearl thorax it becomes one of my most...
  3. ruby pennel595664

    No Anglers!

    Make that three.😀
  4. ruby pennel595664

    Goats Toe...

    I tie a variant using red holo tinsel for the rib and red rabbit fur for the tail. I tie it on long shank single hooks for sea trout and doubles for salmon. Could have been a fluke but I caught my biggest ever salmon, a fish 35 inches long estimated at 17 lbs on this pattern. The rabbit fur...
  5. ruby pennel595664

    Black Pennell

    Like you I tend to put on the latest "fashion" flies but invariably before the end of the day I finish up fishing two flies, black Pennel on the point and Kate maclaren on the dropper. Usually works where the others have failed.
  6. ruby pennel595664

    Favourite colour buzzer?

    My favourite colour for sinking buzzers is black, with a red holo tinsel rib. For floating buzzers I like a shipmans buzzer in dark claret with a pearl rib and white foam breathers. I tie the bodies with claret seals fur blended with some black . For a darker Fly just increase the quantity of...
  7. ruby pennel595664

    Vice Advice

    Avoid Stone Fly Tools. They look very attractive in a presentation box but are fragile and not fit for purpose.:thumbsdown:
  8. ruby pennel595664

    Rickard's Callibaetis Peacock

    I really like that fly, just something about it that's got my attention. Next time I have a session at the vice I will tie up 2 or 3 and give them a chuck on my next outing. Thanks for sharing it .:thumbs:
  9. ruby pennel595664

    Hen or Cock.

    Why not tie up a few of each? some with cock, some with hen hackles. Let the fish be the judges as to which is best. I would be interested in the results but suspect there would be little difference in catch rate between them.
  10. ruby pennel595664

    Fishing is angling for Olympic recognition

    Not for me, personally I think that there are already too many "sports" in the olympics.
  11. ruby pennel595664

    What is the smallest fish you would accept?

    The way my season has gone this year I would accept any fish no matter how small. Still hopeful of catching something of a decent size before the end of my club's season on both river and still waters. Advancing age and health issues have severely restricted me this year. My advice to anyone is...
  12. ruby pennel595664

    Name that Fly

    International dazzler😀
  13. ruby pennel595664

    502 bad gateway

    It shows when I log out but my second attempt always works ok. So no real problem.
  14. ruby pennel595664

    What other species of fish have you caught whilst trout fishing?

    Salmon smolt, sea trout, grayling, perch and minnows.
  15. ruby pennel595664


    Well done Wales. They are in with a chance against Portugal in the semi. The depth of the squad will be tested due to the loss of Ramsey who has for me been one of the outstanding players in the tournament.
  16. ruby pennel595664

    Flies for peaty lochs in Scotland?

    Black Pennel on the point, Kate McLaren on dropper have been my most successful flies on Scottish lochs. They seem to work in clear and heavily coloured waters equally well:thumbs:
  17. ruby pennel595664

    Testicle Eating Fish on its Way.

    Good business opportunity for someone to manufacture "armoured" waders:D:D:D
  18. ruby pennel595664

    how far do you travel ?

    My club water is 35 miles from home, my route takes me on the M6 and M65 so it's in the lap of the traffic gods as to how long it takes to get to the reservoirs. If there are no hold ups it's a comfortable 45 minute drive each way.
  19. ruby pennel595664

    Old and favourite flies, no longer used? Why?

    I think it is a "fashion thing". We read the magazines or the Internet and see the latest designed guaranteed killer flies and just have to give them a go. Some work some don't. If a old traditional pattern worked well in the past I see no reason whilst it would not work today. My two favourite...
  20. ruby pennel595664

    Favorite Dry Fly

    Still waters, Shipman's buzzer. Rivers, jingler pattern in various drab colours.