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    While one has total sympathy with those who have suffered loss in this incident it is an inescapable fact that the police screwed up and like Dunblane and Hungerford where they also screwed up it is the ordinary, safe, responsible gun owners who will carry the can. Not one single police officer...
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    Comparadun deer hair

    I need some Comparadun deer hair. The usual outlets are all out of stock so I'm asking if anyone has a spare patch of this hair that they don't use or need. PM me to discuss.
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    Bogdan Gawlik

    With a certain amount of trepidation I have just placed a modest order with Bogdan and it went through with no issues. The postage has gone up a bit but the goods should be with me by Tuesday. Nothing mentioned about Customs dues so we should be OK. Watch this space.
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    501 Not out.

    Stuart Broad's score. Number 7 on the list of all-time wicket takers.
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    15 years is a long time.

    On Tuesday I had to have my oldest Springer put to sleep and despite having three more it still leaves a big hole. He was 15 years old. He had been out with me picking up on Monday. Only did one drive as he has done for most of this season, but still found and retrieved four partridges. On...
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    Loss of a legend.

    Sad news just released that Bob Willis has died at just 70 after a short illness. I will never forget the summer of 1981 and the destruction of the Aussies by Botham with bat and ball and especially Willis with his 8-43 to more than complement Botham's 149 and win the Headingly Test.
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    And off we go once more.

    The partridge season is under way and today is my first day out picking up this season and only 49 more to go! I approach it with my usual feeling of anticipation but this year it is combined with more than a touch of trepidation. I am bringing out a new dog to join the team. 16 months old...
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    Well done Hardy's.

    I believe in praise where praise is due. Some time ago I broke the tip section of my Zenith Sintrix 9' #4, but due to guiding committments plus an extended holiday I wasn't going to be using the rod for some time so did nothing about sorting out a replacement tip. So, with the grayling season...
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    An interesting comparison

    I was teaching a couple of chaps today in Hampshire, and one of them had brought along some kit he had bought recently from someone who had given up fly fishing. One of the rods was an early Sage fly rod, a RPL III Graphite High Performance in 10' #6. I had a look at it & found it to be in very...
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    Argulus - the fish louse.

    This little bug can and has caused some major fish mortalities from time to time and has even caused some trout fisheries to close their doors and go out of business. Until now there has been no real cure to the problem when it gets out of hand as it does from time to time. Now the National...
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    What's up?

    With the forum? It's running slower than a dead three toed sloth.
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    I am trying to get a pair of snipe wings which appear to be in short supply. I have two pair of woodcock wings and one pair of grouse wings which I am happy to offer as a swap. All wings are unused apart from the pin feathers removed from the woodcock. PM me if able to help.
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    Costa Rica or Guatemala

    Has anyone fished the Pacific side of either of these countries. I may have a few hours and would like to try some lure fishing off the shore.
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    Bffi 2019

    I went yesterday with a couple of friends. I thought the turn out was pretty good, especially in the morning. Quite crowded and the traders I spoke to seemed to be happy enough with the business. I spent a few quid and managed to get a Metz saddle in the olive/yellow colour I've been looking for...
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    And it's all over once more.

    Back in mid-September I did a thread on the start of my picking up season, and almost before I could blink it's all over for another season. I've done 55 days on three different estates. One of the spaniels cut his foot so I bought him a pair of the boots the police use for their dogs when they...
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    Why does it have to happen now?

    My number 2 spaniel has gone and sliced his pad. Trip to the vet yesterday afternoon and a flap of pad had to be sliced off. Luckily this should see him back in action before too long which is just as well because I have 8 days picking up out of the next available 12 - we don't shoot on Sundays...
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    Off we go once more.

    Yet another shooting season looms. Monday and Tuesday are my first two days picking up for this autumn and winter. It is going to be a tricky season. My oldest spaniel is 13 and getting wobbly on his legs. I have my doubts that he will survive the winter which will leave me down to two...
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    Le Tour de France

    I watched some of this today. I like to have a look at it when they get into the Alps as I love alpine country. Something to do with my Austrian heritage I suppose. I'm not too bothered about the actual race, though it is good to see a couple of Brits well up in the hunt. There was a lot of...
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    Is fishing boobies ledgering?

    Well, is it? Anchoring a fly to the bed of the lake must surely be the final resting place of the sport of fly fishing.
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    Is fishing blobs, montanas, damsels and snakes spinning in disguise?

    Well, is it? Is fishing these "flies" the refuge of the inept?