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  1. revo

    Recommend me a cheap wide arbour reel (#7/8)

    Hi All I'm looking for a decent cheap wide arbour reel (#7/8) for my brother. Any recommendations? Thanks
  2. revo

    Brown and Sea Trout fishing in South Devon (Avon & Kingsbridge)

    Hi All I'm off to South Devon in a couple of weeks, staying at the Thurlestone Hotel. I can see that the river Avon and its estuary are just north of there while Kingsbridge is just south. Seems to be a lot of streams around that area too. Any tips? What flies work well? Are day tickets...
  3. revo

    Trying the canals for pike on the fly with stillwater lures

    Hello All My usual venue (small stocked lake) is out of bounds at the moment due to You Know What. I'm thing of having a go the canals for pike on the fly. I don't mind buying special flies but in the meantime I'm wondering if stillwater lures would work. A cats whisker or similar, with or...
  4. revo

    Day Tickets on Devon Avon

    Hi All Forthcoming trip down Loddiswell way. Not till next year but planning ahead and looking to get some fishing in. Seems like there's a good head of trout and sea trout. Does anyone do day tickets or passports? I found this, but was wondering about my options. THANKS...
  5. revo

    Bead-headed nymphs banging against rods

    When casting bead-headed nymphs they sometimes bang against the rod. A carbon blank will only take so many dings and pings; each one weakens it until eventually it snaps. (Before you ask about my technique: yes, some of these are my fault, but others are caused by the wind of a mid-cast change...
  6. revo

    Newbie to the cane: looking for guidance and advice

    Hello I need some help. I'm a long-term fly fisherman with modern carbon rods but looking to get and use a vintage split cane rod. Starting out with a low budget and am after something small (6-8') for rivers. Had on look on ebay and some of the dealers and think any of these makes would be...
  7. revo

    Line rating / weight for old split cane rod

    Hi All Any idea how you work out the line rating / weight for an old split cane rod? It's 9'2" long, a foot of which is handle. I've tried a #7 (which was OK) and a #4 (which seemed to shoot better but was prone to collapsing on the backcast; my faulty technique I think). Is there a system...
  8. revo

    How do you store your waders?

    Hi All New to waders and just got my first pair (Vass 600 -- cheap PVC jobs but got great reviews and seem good so far) So: how do you store them? I've read that hanging them up (by their braces) or upside down (by their boots) is a bad idea and that seems obvious. My current thinking is to...
  9. revo

    Recommend me some chest waders

    Just had a look on eBay and they're not as expensive as I thought / feared. So, recommend me some chest waders!
  10. revo

    Birmingham Anglers Association club -- any members? any fly fishing? any trout?

    Hi all Are any of you members of the Birmingham Anglers Association club? Does it have any good fly fishing? Are there any trout? Thanks! Ollie
  11. revo

    day ticket fishing near Christchurch (Dorset / Hampshire)

    Hello All Stopping down in Christchurch for a day or two (tomorrow and Saturday) and looking for some river fishing in Dorset / Hampshire I've seen the Rockbourne website, they've got a stretch of chalk stream -- any know if it's any good? Also any other options? THANKS
  12. revo

    gut leaders?

    Just musing about the rise of plastic pollution and how to do better on the riverbank when I found myself wondering if anyone makes / uses genuine old-fashioned silkworm gut leaders? Maybe not as the whole thing (from fly line to hook eye) but at least as the tippet -- with mono or whatever for...
  13. revo

    Gloucester Angling Club — river Leadon

    Hello all, Anyone here a member of the Gloucester Angling Club on the river Leadon? Any good? Thoughts? Comments? Thanks
  14. revo

    Fly tackle shops in midlands

    Hello All Just wondering about some bricks and mortar fly fishing shops in the midlands. I remember visiting a great shop a couple of years ago, I think it was in Ryton on Dunsmore, just east of Coventry. Not sure. It was on or not far off the Fosse Way and had lots of very good flies on the...
  15. revo

    Recommend me a good fluorocarbon, please.

    Hello, anyone here care to recommend me a good fluorocarbon? Anyone here tried the Wychwood Ghost Mode and/or Lure Mode fluorocarbon? I'm thinking of getting some after seeing a chap using the 4.4lbs / 0.16mm Ghost Mode on tiny (size 20) Caenis dries; he was catching and I wasn't, even when I...
  16. revo

    Recommendations for a source of good dry mayfly #12 or 14

    Lots and lots online but some of them look, well, a bit rubbish to be honest. Anyone here got a favourite source, supplier or make? THANKS
  17. revo

    Fenton & District Angling Society - any good?

    Hello My Lovelies I'm in Tamworth in the dead centre of England, the middle of the Midlands and not famous for its bubbling brooks. Looking for some river action -- anyone here a member of the Fenton & District Angling Society? If so, is it any good? It look cheap but I'm aware that most it...
  18. revo

    River Tean (Staffs, tributary of Dove)

    Hi All Not sure of this is the right subforum to post this (admin / mods please move if not) I walked a stretch of the River Tean yesterday over towards Beamhurst and saw no fish rising or moving; I know there was a big kill incident (pollution from the sewage works?) a few years ago and I was...
  19. revo

    FS: Filson "Guide" vest; new condition, L/XL

    Hello All Here's a really great bit of kit: a Filson "Guide" vest. It's in brand new condition, factory seconds. No sheepskin fly patch but apart from that all there. Size is "L" but I'm a 48" and can wear it over a jumper of coat (I'd say it was XL but it is very adjustable). I bought...
  20. revo

    Sölvkroken landing net -- where to buy in the UK?

    Hi All Anyone know where I can get a Sölvkroken telescopic landing net in the UK? This thread: Suggests that the Ron Thompson ones are same, re-badged. Here's the Sölvkroken one: Teleskophåv...