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  1. barden neil

    Wychwood drift, euro nymphing rods

    Wondered if anyone was using a 10’ or 11’ wychwood drift, obviously fairly new to the market but seems very reasonably priced. Tried out a friends Vision nymphmaniac 11’ 3# last week and was very impressed, very sensitive and despite its length very light and manageable. However it’s well over...
  2. barden neil

    Favourite dubbing for river flies.

    I’m about to re stock my fly tying kit after a few years of not tying much at all . Now I’ve a bit more time on my hands I feel ready to get back into it again. I really only river fish nowadays and am looking for good quality natural colours of dubbing. The selection seems infinite so i...
  3. barden neil

    River Wharfe Grassington, day tickets

    Anyone know if you can still buy day tickets to fish the River Wharfe at Grassington? I think it’s controlled by Litton Threshfield & Grassington anglers and a few years ago a day ticket could be obtained at the local Post office in Grassington.
  4. barden neil

    Favourite River floating fly line

    Having just bought a couple of spare spools for my River fishing reels I’m on the lookout for two new fly lines . Wf3 & Wf4 floating. I’ve had many lines over the years but things move on rapidly and the selection of lines available now is mind boggling. My criteria for a good river line is that...
  5. barden neil

    Max catch lines

    I see a lot of people recommending Maxcatch lines, is there a U.K supplier? I could do with a line for next week but on eBay sellers all seem to be located in China.
  6. barden neil

    Bolton Abbey fishery

    Anyone any background as to what’s going on at Bolton Abbey? For the new season they’ve more than doubled the cost of membership to a whopping £720 and almost doubled the cost of day tickets to £60! . Seems a very strange move in the present climate. I think I’ll be giving it a miss for the...
  7. barden neil

    Bolton abbey fly fishing

    Does anyone know if the Bolton Abbey estate has resumed selling day tickets.? ×
  8. barden neil

    European nymphing rods

    I’ve been toying again with the idea of Euro style nymping, long French leaders etc. Only problem I find is I find rods over 10’ hard work after an hour or so. Has anyone used shorter say 9’ rods 2-3 weights or does this just make casting these long fine leaders too difficult? Like to know other...
  9. barden neil

    Lancashire/ yorkshire fly fishing opportunities

    After a couple of seasons with Bradford city anglers I’m looking for some new venues for the coming season, I spotted on the internet that Mitre angling association are dispensing with the additional new members joining fee for 2019 putting the cost down to just over £200 for the season, has...
  10. barden neil

    St Michaels AA

    Has anyone fished the St Michaels A.A. club waters, Wyre and Lune? Seems very reasonable to join and would be very handy location wise.
  11. barden neil

    Hardy ultralite Fly reel.

    Has anyone experienced problems with these reels. Bought mine 2 years ago but only used on half a dozen occasions as I didn’t river fish much last year. Drag has stopped working and clicker doesn’t seem to be in contact with the cog but the spool is firmly on the reel and properly aligned...
  12. barden neil

    Clubs with river fly fishing Lancashire, Yorkshire borders.

    Looking for advice for a new river fishing location for the new season, have been a member of Bolton Abbey fishery for several years but fancy a change/ new challenge, I don’t want to spend silly money either as last year I think I only got out around 10 times so only just covered the cost of my...
  13. barden neil

    More poor quality Greys products.

    Yesterday my son received a Greys scoop net purchased from a well known Internet auction site. He'd decided on it because it had a magnetic release built in to the top of the handle, a good idea and saves the expense of buying a magnetic release clip separately. At first glance all seemed OK but...
  14. barden neil

    Bigland fishery,Newby bridge.

    Going to fish Farleton view fishery near Milnthorpe this weekend , a place i've always enjoyed and i believe has just re opened after winter closure. My son has suggested we try Bigland fishery at Newby bridge on the Sunday haven't been for years but i understand its now run by WADAA, anyone...
  15. barden neil

    Inexpensive fly line?

    Been invited to do a bit of stillwater fishing over the next couple of weeks, got a 6 weight rod i can bring out of semi retirement which will do the job,they're only small lakes, but need to buy a 6 weight floating line, anyone any advice on an inexpensive line ideally less than £20 as it'll...
  16. barden neil

    Older hardy rods warranty/spare parts

    Been fishing with my brother in law this morning on a local stillwater and he suffered a breakage to his 3 year old Hardy Marksman, poor lad is gutted! Anyone know what the situation is now with these slightly older models after the take over by Pure fishing?
  17. barden neil

    9' 4# river rod,any recommendations ?

    I'm looking to buy a 9' 4# river rod mainly as an occasional backup to my 9' 5# Sage z axis. I never go out on a days fishing with just one rod in the boot of the car just in case of the dreaded breakage, it can happen to any of us! I've just sold an old Greys rod which has done good service...
  18. barden neil

    Fly line comparison,Rio, wychwood, John Norris

    Earlier this year I commented on this forum that I'd bought three Wf5 floating fly lines to compare for River fishing. I've been a long time fan of Worcestershire fly lines but sadly they no longer seem to be available so I decided to try out some of the popular lines available. After using each...
  19. barden neil

    A good read?

    Has anyone any recomendations for a good fly fishing related book? Off on my hols to Majorca in a couple of weeks, nice chill out week so it would be nice to have a good book to fire me up for the new season.
  20. barden neil

    Euro/french nymphing rod.

    I'm tempted to have a go at Euro/french nymphing techniques this year, the consensus seems to be 10-11 ft 3-5wt rods are needed to cast and control these long mono leaders . Anyone got advice on rods that won't break the bank, don't want to spend too much in case I find it's not for me!