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  1. Dougie

    Tungsten Jig Backs - Anyone used these?

    Superb looking wee nymphs
  2. Dougie

    snowbee waldron vise

    Vise now sold. Thanks
  3. Dougie

    snowbee waldron vise

    Snowbee Waldron tying vise with case and sight board/bobbin cradle. Used but in excellent condition. Looking for SOLD including postage. Dougie.
  4. Dougie

    Wikie does catfish on the fly

    Superb stuff Alex. You're on fire mate :thumbs:
  5. Dougie

    Articulated Pike Streamer

    Thanks guys. Keith, GAC now stock them.
  6. Dougie

    Articulated Pike Streamer

    Thanks guys. Give it a go.
  7. Dougie

    Articulated Pike Streamer

    Materials: Hook: Partridge Universal Predator X 2/0 Thread: UTC 140 fluo white Tail: Veniards white bucktail, white Icelandic sheep, white saddle hackles Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash Rear body: Veniards Tri-lobal holographic medium silver, Veniards white Schlappen, chartreuse and white marabou...
  8. Dougie

    Weekends guided pike fishing with Micky Jones (ends 9/12/12)

    I've fished with Micky several times. The winner will have a great weekend in great hands.
  9. Dougie

    Big Perch fly.

    You gave it a go then? Nicely done.;)
  10. Dougie

    Here Pikey, Pikey.....

    Thanks guys. It's E.P fibers
  11. Dougie

    Here Pikey, Pikey.....

    Just for fun....
  12. Dougie

    Fancy roach pattern.

    ;) quality mate.
  13. Dougie

    A few for the pike!

    Dan Blanton's whistler Munro, its not my pattern.
  14. Dougie

    A few for the pike!

    Nice Euan. Look the part mate.
  15. Dougie

    Milngavie Fly Dressers

    Looking forward to it
  16. Dougie

    Tie your first Pike fly...

    For those of you who would find it beneficial, here is a step by step instructional post on how to tie a Mohican Pike fly. The reason I have chosen this fly is two-fold: firstly, it is a relatively simple fly to tie in that it only has a couple of simple steps but it does allow you to practice...
  17. Dougie

    pike trace

    I avoid the loop to loop connection with wire to mono as through time, the motion of casting and, if you're lucky, playing fish, the two materials will rub/pull against each other and there will eventually only be one winner....the wire. The albright knot eliminates this. I give mine a wee coat...
  18. Dougie

    My tope on the fly rod

    Nice one Wilkie. Have you been working on flies for the job? I would love to go down and have a go but after recently becoming a Dad, the time and money is tight :( I have been doing some large articulated Mackerel patterns I'll need to let you have a look at ;) D
  19. Dougie

    Couple of Pike flees

    Baitfish family...... Dougie