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  1. BlueFrog

    Amazing Heron.

    Makes you wonder where it learnt it from. Heron Fishing.
  2. BlueFrog

    Gardening, some advise requested.

    I'd be digging in some well rotted manure then planting some spring cabbage.
  3. BlueFrog

    Durham Derwent.

    The Derwent has always been a good grayling river Andy. I've never fished below Linztford, always above, but some good fishing to be had on the upper stretch. Above the craggs at Alansford the going get tough, pretty overgrown, the sneep is well known for that. Here's a link on the DAA website...
  4. BlueFrog

    fulling mill masterclass fluorocarbon - views?

    Interesting debate from our American friends over the pond.
  5. BlueFrog

    Oh.. Just another Partridge & Orange..

    Rumour has that copperwire came about by a Scotsmen @ a Yorkshireman fighting over a penny..🙂
  6. BlueFrog

    Swifts have arrived.

    No swifts yet but was watching the swallows today.
  7. BlueFrog


    It is if they aren't close rung proving they are captive bred.
  8. BlueFrog


    Yes some breeders cross British with the Canary, I had this pair in with the canaries because I didn't have any room elsewhere. They could still have cross bred but not on this occasion. The most sort after is the Goldie X, and if it's finch noted they command a better price, nobody wants the...
  9. BlueFrog


    Try niger @ hemp aswell. When I housed Siskins in with the canaries they would empty the seed dishes just for the hemp seed, leaving the canaries to feed off the flight floor.
  10. BlueFrog


    Siskin become very tame, I kept British Finch for years, loverly little birds. Called him little Billy, he fluffed up one day so put him in a hospital cage to recover, which he did badly, so into the house he came, no way he would have survived in the outside flight so he ended up as part of the...
  11. BlueFrog

    Shotgun/firearm certificates.

    Update for mine, phone call yesterday, went through both certs, made a couple of changes, (variation). No mention of doctors cert, requested I email FLO to let them know what was said, basically because it has to be requested by me, all done. So all in all it's took 7mth + a temp cert issued...
  12. BlueFrog

    Reel for sale on eBay - chancer?

    Agree with Mr Trout, blowing the photo up you can see that it's cracked at both ends. Nothing like a bit of BS advertising though..🙂
  13. BlueFrog

    Nymphing Rod 10' or 11'

    11ft Greys xf2 for me, bought it when they first came out & never looked back. I had 10ft's before, but prefer this length now. As for weight wise tbh I haven't noticed any difference, just eat an extra weetabix in the morning..:giggle:
  14. BlueFrog

    Shooting Rats;

    If you've a problem with rats they are only there because there's plenty to eat, eliminate the excess food & they'll move on.
  15. BlueFrog

    sights for ar 15 for deer hunting

    Hi annar, I doubt you'll get any advice on mounting Red Dot sights on your AR 15, I've never heard of anyone shooting deer in the UK with one, AR 15 that is. There's no semi auto rifles allowed in the UK, (apart from 22's) they were banned after the Micheal Ryan episode in Hungerford. BF.
  16. BlueFrog

    overcharge me ,NO WAY

    You must have been paid by bank transfer/cheque etc then Stephen.? No PP fees.?
  17. BlueFrog

    Streamer fishing for wild brown trout.?

    TBH I would have expected the opposite, but that's fishing.. 😁 I'm trying to find the vid on utube that set the wheels in motion for me, I encounted the same river conditions one day as the lad in the video, river swollen @ coloured. His method was not to fish down @ across, but to keep the...
  18. BlueFrog

    Streamer fishing for wild brown trout.?

    For the last two years now I've tried streamer fishing, watched a video on utube & decided to give a go. Nothing elaborate, a couple of badger feathers back to back, a bit dubbing, & if you want a tungsten bead. I czech most of the time, fish upstream till I've had enough, then streamer fish...
  19. BlueFrog

    Poaching fines

    Years ago seen a sign saying "if you cannot cross this field in 9.9secs don't try, the bull can do it in 10...😁 Food for thought..
  20. BlueFrog

    Swan Shot

    French made one many moons ago in 1880, I very much doubt it's one of these though.