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  1. smudger564

    River Laver, Yorkshire?

    Hi All, I'm trying to find out if anyone has fished the Laver? Most pictures or images aren't up to date, so I'm looking for more info on fishing it. Any help would be grand. Best regards Stuart
  2. smudger564

    Making the Transition - Pointers on using a Mini Tip Line Best regards Stuart;-)
  3. smudger564

    Airflo Fly Dri 30ltr Roll Top Back Pack

    We all love our fishing tackle, fact! We spend lots of cash buying the gucci gear, that works for us. It also looks the biz too. But is it ready for anything? Gearing up as an "all weather fisher", you realise that the equipment you rely on, has to be up to taking a sound thrashing! There is...
  4. smudger564

    Airflo - Airtex Wading Jacket

    [/URL][/IMG] Airflo Airtex Wading Jacket I bought the Airflo Hydrotec 3/4 length jacket‎ and liked how it worked. Both breathable and waterproof, it highlighted what I needed for my fishing and was what I wanted in my, "fishing clothing". Improving on product with a new 3 layer fabric for...
  5. smudger564

    Flybox - Synthetic Quills

    Just thought a post this regarding Ian Christie's Synthetic Quills. Apologies for the image quality but you'll get some idea on how this wraps. Strong material that lays well. Has a black line through it and comes on a card in various colours, such Grey Boy, Sunburst which looks Yellowy...
  6. smudger564

    Catching my drift Best regards Stuart:)
  7. smudger564

    Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Lines Best regards Stuart:)
  8. smudger564

    Ellerdine Lakes Blog - Part 1 Best regards Stuart:)
  9. smudger564

    Storming fishing at Ellerdine Lakes Best regards Stuart:)
  10. smudger564

    A recipe for success Best regards Stuart:)
  11. smudger564

    Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Lines

    Given that I've been using the DI3 Sixth Sense Sinking line, for a few years now. I thought it would be appropriate to review it?   Since Airflo brought low stretch cores to the attention of many anglers, their designers have grasped, that "feel is everything", when fishing.  ‎ It's no good...
  12. smudger564

    Which is the brighter colour??

    Hi All, I'm looking for an opinion here. Left side is a Flash Straggler tied with Flybox Pearl Crystal Hackle in Red for the body and hackle. Right Side is the same pattern, tied with Celtic Fly Craft Hippy for the body and Veniards Tri Lobal Crystal Mix for the hackle. [/URL][/IMG] Which is...
  13. smudger564

    Airflo Airtex Chest Waders

    You just know when you've seen something nice and want it? That Gucci piece of Fishing Tackle, that you just have to own! My Neoprene waders have seen better days. Walking and sweating with Neo's in Germany, Holland and through the river at Bangor on Dee, take their toll. Having a boot foot...
  14. smudger564

    FlyfishersInc - New Zealand e-magazine

    Happy New Year to All! Whilst browsing the Fishtec Facebook site, I came across the FlyfishersInc e-magazine link. Well worth a peek for some ideas on future destination fishing, with some great pics. Salt and Freshwater articles throughout, keep you interested and some nice tackle info too...
  15. smudger564

    Great Xmas Gift Ideas - Under £40

    Hi All, Just thought I'd drop this on and see what others have, in the way of great ideas for Xmas gifts? With the colder temperatures moving in, I've bought the Thermolite Jacket from Airflo via Fishtec. The product description says, "New for 2012, this ultra lightweight filled jacket is...
  16. smudger564

    Airflo Super Dri - Distance Pro #7

    Info What does Super Dri and Distance Pro offer in terms of characteristics and performance? To start with new hydrophobics on a lighter coating, with low stretch cores. These features offer you more feel and sensitivity. Plus "zoned technology", which adds an even harder coating/compound...
  17. smudger564

    Is this you?

    How many times have you been in the moment?  When you've turned, cast and instantly been transported?  Where you reach a moment in time, that will place you at a fixed point, forever marked in your mind! Where you've just put that perfect cast out.  As you drop the rod tip on the delivery and...
  18. smudger564

    Airflo Super Dri Mend #7 Line

    When you're looking at the Super Dri range of lines, how do you decide which line you want? It depends on you're application I suppose? I have used the Exceed and like it, though it isn't a favourite? I consider the Exceed a general purpose line. Since buying Lake Pro and being a small...
  19. smudger564

    Scott Radian - Anyone tried it yet?

    Hi All, I'm hearing nice things about the Scott Radian? Though I've yet to see one in the flesh. They've been hinted at being, a GLX beater and great for the Loch Style Comp boys? Any info would be great? Best regards Stuart:)
  20. smudger564

    Airflo Competitor Sixth Sense

    I got the Airflo Competitor Line, having been recommended it, by a friend, some four years ago. From the outset, this is an altogether different beast, in the massive Sixth Sense range of fly lines. Competitor Lines offer the angler a different construct. The concept being quite a simple...