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    Stonebridge Fishing Lakes

    fishing Heaven [/IMG]
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    Stonebridge Fishing Lakes Hi All, I have just heard from a very reliable source that a 19lb fish and a 23 lb fish were caught at Stonebridge on Sat 28th. It looks like the new owners are making a serious go at making Stonebridge the premier big fish water in the North. Ican't wait for the...
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    Stonebridge Fishing Lakes

    Hi All, Just thought I'd let you know that Stonebridge has reopened with new owners and a new website Well worth a visit both the site and the Lakes Cheers Pikey
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    Hi Nigel, These lakes are closed at the momentand are up for sale.
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    stupid question about backing.

    spooling up If you have a spare spool for the reel wind the fly line on first and then the backing to the correct level, once it's filled correctly just rewind it back on to the other spool. Pikey
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    new member

    Hi Bob, lots of info on here and lots of good crack, enjoy it
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    Vision Koma Bargain!

    is it such a bargain the price you see is just for the spool the price of the reel is £59.99 excellent reel though I have one myself
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    10% Discount for Site Members

    Hi Ian, What happened to the Trout and Fly forum? can,t seem to log on any more
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    Fish from any of the rocks or harbour walls for the mullet.Stayed at Playa Blanca on the southern tip of the island last year absolutely loads of fish use bread as an attractor and a small piece of white foam on the hook
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    opinions sought

    excellent Excellent Braveheart, video and commentry will be of great help to new fly tyers like myself, the commentry is something that is missing from a lot of these types of step by steps, I will be keeping an eye out for more...
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    hello Hello! Salmonfly and have a nice day whatever you're doing. Pikey
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    Execellent Service

    Don't know if this is the right place to put this post, but..... A big Thank You to the Pitsford Pirate,I asked on the Tackle Forum about lines and was told to PM the Pitsford Pirate who could supply me with some good lines at very good prices,Sent off the cheque yesterday and recieved the lines...
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    which lines?

    Cheers ! Cheers for the advice Browndog and everyone else I will just stick with these Worcestershires until I get a bit better and I can hopefully catch a few fish.
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    which lines?

    Thanks Hi Lads, Many thanks for all the replies I think Iwill go with the Worcestershires that seems to be the General recommendation and I don't want to spend a fortune. I was a bit reluctant to ask in case it seemed a stupid question but all the replies make me feel better, great...
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    which lines?

    Hi All, fairly new to trout fishing but I have got a Greys GRXi 9'6" #6/7 rod and a Vision Koma 7/8 reel my question is which two lines do you recommend for a beginner, most of my fishing will be done on smallish stillwaters, cheers in advance John
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    Looking for a fishery in North Yorkshire?

    Hi Saltyflies WYKEHAM LAKES are only about 6-7 miles outside of Scarborough on the A64, LOCKWOOD BECK is about 35-40 miles away heading towards Guisborough/ Teesside on the A171. Both of these fisheries have websites, you could also check out SCALING DAM which is on the same...