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  1. gadusmorhua

    BFR Magnum reel with spare spool and Aircel Double Taper lines.

    This was bought, along with the Daiwa rod listed here, for a coupe of fishing holidays, and is therefore very lightly used. The lines may well be of interest (dt being hard to find nowadays), both #10 double taper, an Aircel Supreme and a WetCel II. Despite having been stored on the spools the...
  2. gadusmorhua

    Daiwa Lochmor 14'6" #10

    This cost me around £130 years ago, and has only been used on a couple of holidays. As I remember it is a progressive action rod. £60, plus carriage at cost. See separate listing for pictured reel and lines.
  3. gadusmorhua

    Wychwood River & Stream 7' 6" plus reel

    Wychwood River & Stream 7'6" 3/4 weight. Unwanted gift- it's too light for the rivers I fish. Cast once on grass, once on the water, hence near mint. I can email images if required.£50 plus £8.95 post Also a new, boxed and unused Snowbee Classic2 3/4 reel. Rod and reel combined £70, including...
  4. gadusmorhua

    Snowbee Classic 2 3/4

    Snowbee Classic 2 for 3//4 lines. 75mm diameter, capacity WF4 + 50m backing.Injection moulded from fibre reinforced nylon, only weighs 129g.Large arbor and with a decent drag system.Duplicated gift, so new and unused in box. £28 inc post. PP gift please.
  5. gadusmorhua

    Danica Compo 690 spools

    Does anyone know how still has Danica Compo 690 spools in stock? A quick Google search has proved fruitless. I will of course try the Wanted section here.
  6. gadusmorhua

    Airflo 40+ extreme #5 floating

    Anyone I know where I can get one of the above (it's the ivory/sunrise version), hopefully at a sale price? I know they do the new SuperDri version (is it the same profile?) but I just want one as a spare, I've found the one I'm using is perfect on Grafham's dam wall.
  7. gadusmorhua

    uv pearl dubbing

    I'm after some SLF prism uv pearl dubbing. Eyebrook Tackle are out of stock, and I can't find another source. Any ideas?
  8. gadusmorhua

    Shakespeare Sigma Neoprene chest waders size 12 new

    SOLD Brand new, in the box, Shakespeare Sigma neoprene chest waders, size 12. I have another pair of these and they fit me (a size 11,32" inside leg) fine, but I would imagine it would be a bit of a struggle for a size 12 to get the boots on,especially with a thick sock. £45 including post...
  9. gadusmorhua

    Snowbee trout bag

    Snowbee Medium trout bag S 16202. Please Google for full details, image etc. New and still in original packing, £12 inc post. PayPal gift please.
  10. gadusmorhua

    replacement soles for boot foot waders

    I have Daiwa Lochmor neoprene bootfoot waders that have lost the entire sole and heel from one boot.This comprised of a felt sole, an under sole (similar in composition to the felt) and a rubber, studded heel. Daiwa seem unable to supply me with a replacement, and didn't seem interested that...
  11. gadusmorhua

    water ingres

    Last week my 7D was splashed with sea water, and several tiny droplets were visible under the LCD panel.It also displayed an error message, so I switched off and placed bags of silica gel around the affected area. In the morning all trapped moisture was gone, and the camera functioned normally...
  12. gadusmorhua

    wader heel

    The heel from my Daiwa Lochmor neoprene waders came off a few weeks back, and Daiwa say as the model is discontinued they have no replacements. I would have thought any solid heel would do the job, as long as it can be securely fixed, though I'm not sure how, (apart from badly) the original was...
  13. gadusmorhua

    Helios 2

    I noticed that the Helios 2 is advertised as 'lighter in the hand' yet its real weight is a considerable increase on the original Helios. My 9'6" #6 tip flex weighs 2 5/8oz, the Helios 2 is 3 3/8oz- about a 30% increase in weight. Although they claim the H2 is a stronger rod, and the tip is...
  14. gadusmorhua

    Canon 600D + lens

    Canon 600D + lens Sold! Canon 600D with 18-55 IS II lens. With all the usual accessories, and 58 mm UV filter,two spare batteries and '600D for dummies@ Bought June 2012, so still under warranty, light use only. £385 (PP gift) inc next day delivery. SOLD
  15. gadusmorhua

    ferret purse net making gear

    Quality purse net making gear, comprising: 1kg 3mm yellow nylon braid 2x spools hemp twine, one has made half a dozen nets Bobbin holder for above 65x 1.5" rings, super strong Good length quality draw cord 5 various needles and hardwood spacers 2x dvds on net making All you need to make...
  16. gadusmorhua

    Snowbee Prestige Switch 10'8" #6

    Prestige four piece switch rod 10' 8", in tube with spare tip section. Also, Snowbee XS Switch line #6/7 (22.7g/ 350 grain). Cast a few times only,so mint.Perfect for sea trout and grilse. I can email you images if required. £160 inc mainland post SOLD
  17. gadusmorhua


    Anyone know where to get floating rapalas (9 and 7cm) at a reasonable price ? I used to bulk buy on U.S Ebay but their prices aren't much cheaper than here now, and availability of smaller lures is limited too.
  18. gadusmorhua

    sink rate difference between line weights

    What difference in sink rates, if any, have you experienced between various weights of the same line? I have a 4/5 Airflo sixth sense fast glass and it seems slightly slower sinking than my 6/7.
  19. gadusmorhua

    optical glass

    I have just bought a macro lens, and want to start photographing aquatic insects.I have had good results taking the shot from above, with the subject in a dish, but they are rather like a 'scientific' image.I read the best option is to build a mini aquarium, using optical grade glass.It has been...
  20. gadusmorhua

    Goldmaxx Power Metal Detector + W3 headphones

    XP Goldmaxx Power detector, version 4 chip, excellent condition.Best machine to deal with mineralized soils found on most Roman sites. Complete with XP W3 wireless headphones and charger.Complete kit retails around £980, bargain at £480 posted. Also on the dreaded Ebay: eBay - The UK's Online...