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  1. iainmortimer

    We've all been there...

    A scene from a film that you don't see in the final cut but that we can all laugh at ruefully; especially when considering the added pressure of having set the camera up for the shot! Only short but made me laugh...
  2. iainmortimer

    My take on the Towi Topper

    Another old Welsh fly for the sea trout.. hook : Hends BL300 #10 Thread: black Body: natural stripped quill Hackle: furnace hen
  3. iainmortimer

    …and tonight I’m mostly tying Haul y Gwynt

    ‘Sun and wind’ as it translates from Welsh gives a good indication of when to use it. A simple wee fly other than the very unruly pheasant neck feather used for a hackle! Well worth having though as it’s a great catcher. hook: Hends BL300 Thread: black 8/0 uni body: black ostrich herl Wing...
  4. iainmortimer

    Green beetle

    I was asked to copy a fly just from a photo but for once it was fairly simple! My version (on the left) is: Hook: Hends BL454 #14 Thread: black 8/0 uni Shell: Hends green shellback code: S20 Body: light ginger seals fur Hackle: red game cock
  5. iainmortimer

    Thinking of fly tying? Worried about neatness?

    Sat in a meeting and I caught sight of a load of wee midge stuck on fly paper. It struck me that this is not dissimilar to how they look when stuck in the surface film of your local stillwater or river. Just look at the way their legs are all over the place at odd angles and the wings are...
  6. iainmortimer

    John Norris - 50% of guideline reach rods

    It’s just popped up on my Facebook page and figured it could be very useful to someone...
  7. iainmortimer

    A few size 20’s

    I think trying to get a decent photo was the hardest part and so none of these are great! This is part of a set of #16’s , #18’s and these #20’s. All tied on Hanak H130BL black nickel hooks. Sparkle Dun Thread: red Sheer 14/0 Tail: grey Antron Body: Wapsi SLF Orange Caddis Rib: thread Wing...
  8. iainmortimer

    Brown or brown/rainbow cross?

    I finally had the excuse (I was driving past for work) to drop in and fish one of my club waters and boy was it good to wet a line again after so long being dry. I only managed to grab 3 hours before I had to get going again. A few fish were rising but I couldn't raise a thing on dries and so...
  9. iainmortimer

    Great Red Sedge -

    A few of these coming off the vice this morning a proper big beastie! Hook: Fasna F-900 #6 Thread: 6/0 uni dark brown Body: claret seals fur Rib: small copper wire Wing: deer hair Antennae: cinnamon tip Turkey tail Hackle: Fiery brown cock
  10. iainmortimer

    Dee Trust 24 hour salmon fishing challenge - join in or sponsor me?

    The Challenge is to salmon fish the river Dee, at the end of June, non-stop for 24 hour's across 7 beats to raise funds for the Dee Trust who work on restoring the river and the environment around it with a current project aiming to plant one million trees. They also aim to educate and...
  11. iainmortimer

    Quill nymphs - can you get a sexier fly body?

    One of the flies I just love to tie whether it’s beaded or unweighted. The bodies are just so natural when done and varnished. Hook: Hends BL510 #14 Thread: wisp 8/0 olive Tail: olive cock hackle fibres Body: stripped peacock dyed olive Thorax: Troutstalker Appleby Olive
  12. iainmortimer

    To finish the day on deer hair..

    Another couple of my favourite patterns; the deer hair emerger and deer hair sedge. Simple but deadly...
  13. iainmortimer

    Hot spot Damsel Nymph

    No stillwater box is complete without at least one damsel pattern and this one in both beaded and unweighted versions is the one that lives in mine having caught everywhere from big reservoirs like Chew to little private stillwaters of just 2 or 3 acres. Hook: Osprey Vh231 barbless nymph #12...
  14. iainmortimer

    The humble gold ribbed hairs ear

    Still worthy of a place given its continued abilities as a fish magnet! This one given a wee bit of bling with a magnum flash thorax cover.
  15. iainmortimer

    When the buzzers are hatching....

    These are the first flies out of my box! Sadly the black Oliver Edwards dubbing and the rootbeer flash on the black and green buzzers are no longer available because these flies catch a high percentage of my stillwater fish year round.
  16. iainmortimer

    Something we don’t post to often...lures!

    A set of Humungus, Cats Whiskers and Cormorants. Normal service shall resume shortly - after a couple more coats of varnish ;) Humungus Hook: #8 Hends BL200 Bead: 2.5mm tungsten Thread: black 8/0 Uni which is also the rib Tail: black marabou + two strand crystal flash in gold or green, or...
  17. iainmortimer

    A few trout sized salmon doubles

    All size 14 with the biggest problem being finding hackles the size I wanted in the colours I wanted! That’s the box restocked for summer again now and so time to play with the big classics again...
  18. iainmortimer

    Simple but deadly...a take on the pheasant tail

    Doing some restocking of my own box today and at this time of year this is one of my best catchers in winter still waters when the fish are lying deep. A simple beaded pheasant tail with a hares mask collar. Very good for river trout and grayling too although I tend to drop to a #14 or #16 for...
  19. iainmortimer

    A few hoppers

    Claret and Black Hook Hanak BL200 #12 Thread: black 8/0 uni Body: black seal fur substitute Rib: silver wire Legs: natural knotted pheasant tail Hackle: deep claret hen Bibio Hook Hanak BL200 #12 Thread: black 8/0 uni Body: black/red/black seal fur Rib: silver wire Legs: Bleached and dyed...
  20. iainmortimer

    A bit of dabbling

    Three dabbler patterns for this mornings effort. Sooty Olive Hook Hanak BL200 #12 Thread: black 6/0 uni Tail: Cock pheasant tail dyed olive Body: sooty olive seal fur Body hackle: olive hen Rib: oval gold tinsel Wing: Cloaked bronze mallard Fiery Ginger Hook Hanak BL200 #12 Thread: black 6/0...