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    Partridge Sea Trout Hooks Help??

    The people at Partirdge have some strange ideas on hook design. They dropped a number of good hooks, probably because they aren't commercial ...... because anglers don't know how to use their hooks ...... because Partirdge didn't educate them........because Partirdge was poorly managed long...
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    Circle hooks for salmon (again...)

    A fly is a lure. You are supposed to lure the fish onto the hook, not allow the fish to hook itself. Circle hooks are good hookers on a fly or other lure-if appropriately set on even a spinner/crankbait.
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    Something 'new' in 2 handers.

    Fred, me thinks you'll need more than a trebuchet to get the DOW back up. Unless the Fed starts its fiddling of shares in the last few minutes today I think it will definitely go below 10,000 before the weekend. I love it when the screen is all red, even Gold is down!
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    A salmon "nymph" con?

    I prefer to take it step by step, taking note of any lessons proved along the way. If I had a worm on a hook, a salmon swam toward it, took it in its mouth and then swallowed it, landing the fish and finding the hook down the gullet, I would take that as evidence of feeding. That same process...
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    Interesting underwater sea trout film with interesting shots of shrimp, sand eels etc in sea
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    Why do Salmon take a Fly in Freshwater?

    Could you tell me the name of these rivers, in fact any river, where Atlantic Salmon will not eat a worm, shrimp etc?
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    A salmon "nymph" con?

    When you consider various fishing methods, such as induced take discussd elsewhere, or large fly in Autumn to obtain a territorial response, even a plastic tube fly that is taken and swallowed like a shrimp or worm. Do you not think that evidence that we know tha salmon can be specifically...
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    anyone explain "fibre tube"

    So do you think that carbon rods made without glass could be considered good rods?
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    Casting into the wind - best rod action? In 1938, after a visit by the American casting legend Marvin Hedge at Hardy's, the company introduced "Tournament" lines of 43 and 53 yards length, respectively, named "Marvin K. Hedge Taper". These lines were manufactured by...
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    Casting into the wind - best rod action?

    And don't forget the future. The marketing of fly fishing worldwide to people of different cultures who now have the money to pursue fly fishing, even for species that aren't "game" fish, could mean a revolution to the sport that would drawf the inrease in anglers/developments during the 1970's...
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    Casting into the wind - best rod action?

    Oh I am sure Ron and yourself are correct about modern developments, but with the original claim being so open and contrary to our own history I just couldn’t resist it. I have heard the name but really don’t know about that period, perhaps someone can start a thread on the evolution of...
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    Casting into the wind - best rod action?

    In terms of shooting heads and weight forward lines I was thinking of anglers on the Thames in the 1700's with shooting head fly lines, or earlier to Richard Franck (one of Cromwell's soldiers) who wrote of salmon lines with thick tapered ends, or moving back up to Bainbridge in the early 1800's...
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    Why do Salmon take a Fly in Freshwater?

    We know they take in fresh water, but for the majority of the time they do not take. Most salmon are not caught by anyone, and this is despite tried and tested techniques by generations of experienced anglers using successful tackle combinations. Therefore isn't the more interesting question why...
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    Casting into the wind - best rod action?

    That is news to me.
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    More powerful rod needed??

    Please define "powerful rod", since when did rods become "powerful"? I thought rods had a capability, and a general rating to signify a supposed ideal line weight.
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    Canoe success

    I know from experience, if you start following unco-operative/illegal canoeists down the river to their egresss point, take their picture, their canoe no, helmet colour, car reg etc, politely ask for their names and details of permission, (it must all be polite, even introduce yourself) they get...
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    "Nymphing ", for Salmon, rod type?

    While I would agree, generally in game fishing, that the faster you move a fly (Also, the more you are relying on an instinctive take, as with inducement of a nymph) the less important the exact pattern/style. However, my experience of these types of technique, is that the salmon has to get...
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    Trebuchet Fly Rods

    Over the last few days I couldn't help but notice the advert for Trebuchet fly rods from Bloke. BLOKE FLY RODS - The Heart and Soul of Fly Fishing I have looked at the link but there is no mention of the rod action (one of the first things I look for) but there is an interesting description...
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    Tidy casting

    I won't continue this discussion because, yet again, I see that your versions of reality departs from that in black and white! In future I shall assume your other posts will be of a similar sentiment and intent.
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    Tidy casting

    Within a few days you use the same word “pause” in terms of an actual pause or stop, also a pause that is not a pause or a stop, claim to see a pause but don’t substantiate it. In fact, you somehow manage to repeatedly avoid simply stating where the pause is. Of course the pause isn’t there, it...