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  1. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Zen-Like State..

    I don't know if it's still there but there was a dog at Alderneuk Trout Fishery that seemed to preempt every landed fish with a dash round the bank to where the unlucky trout was about to be hooked. A whole bunch of us on a social were having a good day and the dog seemed to guess right as to...
  2. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Is BopP having a bad day?

    He’s on a wind up Steve. Two sarcastic threads quite obviously started in response to an earlier one about bung fishing. He seems to have had a few to the boat already.
  3. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Is fishing blobs, montanas, damsels and snakes spinning in disguise?

    Of course he is. There’s an equally sarcastic companion thread about legering boobies as well. :fish2:
  4. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Is fishing blobs, montanas, damsels and snakes spinning in disguise?

    It's well worth calculating just how many people you'll irritate on-line before deploying any of the above. If it looks like hardly anybody will get their knickers in a twist then it's probably not really worthwhile as the prospect for endless entertainment is very low. :rolleyes:
  5. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Is using an indicator float fishing?

    Don’t be a spoilsport Bob! They repeat Dads Army all the time and it’s still funny! :cool: Why people try to claim some sort of moral superiority with fishing methods is beyond me. At least, you have the balls to stick up for what you do, even if it is at the right hand side of...
  6. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Is using an indicator float fishing?

    A fishing float in my experience generally has a casting weight attached (either lead/equivalent or water) and would be almost impossible to throw with a fly line. An indicator is, as mentioned above, cast with a fly line and in fly fishing terms can be a lump of foam, yarn, thingamabobber or...
  7. Sunkistbob-SKB

    No rod licence issues?

    I got mine post dated to April1st by ringing the EA direct. Licence arrived a couple of weeks ago now a few days after I paid for it.
  8. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Drop Shot Rod

    A paternoster rig uses droppers or snoods of line tied to the hooklink similar to those used in fly-fishing. A drop-shot rig has the hook tied directly to the hooklink with the hook secured, point facing upwards. There's a distinct way of tying the knot as well. Have a look on YouTube and you...
  9. Sunkistbob-SKB


    I was wondering that but it seems the police haven't yet prosecuted Carragher for assault either, something he's admitted doing deliberately. Q145: Is spitting an assault?
  10. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Why c&r so expensive?

    Why c&r so expensive? To be fair to Bob, the scenario he mentions is actually very typical of even average coarse match men whose investment in tackle will usually far outweigh your trout match fisherman. This, I think, is largely due to the potential prize money available being an order of...
  11. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Does powerbait and other scent work?

    Gender reassignment in the early 20th Century was obviously quite successful.....
  12. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Spinning reel recommendation

    I've got a 6'3" Troutizimo rod (0-5g) and attached is a Shimano Symetre 500 reel. It's tiny but has plenty of power. I landed my largest ever brown trout on it without any bother. Maybe for a 7 ft rod you could consider a 1000 sized reel. It'll probably balance nicely once loaded with braid.
  13. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Brave or Stupid ?

    All the boats are cancelled due to excessive forecast wind speeds according to Ifor on FB. Might be worth calling Draycote to see if bank fishing is permitted. "Draycote all boats cancelled for the 2nd March due to average wind speed exceeding our 25mph limit for boats and with air temperatures...
  14. Sunkistbob-SKB

    What would attract you to join a fishery?.

    Here: More Hall Reservoir - Sheffield - Reservoir | Facebook
  15. Sunkistbob-SKB

    SKB Moving On

    Just a quick reminder (while we still have trade status) that the SKB 15% off offer ends tonight at midnight. Check out Chris's post about it for details. :thumbs:
  16. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Is a disc drag really necessary for trout in uk waters?

    It's the way of things nowadays Colin! This forum software doesn't appear optimised for Safari on mobikle devices (my mate couldn't get it on hi iPhone either) although it's working fine on Chrome and Edge back home on my PC.
  17. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Is a disc drag really necessary for trout in uk waters?

    Of course I will. Been doing it for years. In the meantime, here's a fish being played off the reel subsequent to the drag being set. YouTube Edit: video shows in Tapatalk but not on a mobile Safari browser for now. I might get round to seeing if I can fix it later when I get home...
  18. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Is a disc drag really necessary for trout in uk waters?

    Douglas, without having a trawl through the Internet I daresay you can buy some disc drag reels for less than you can some click types. Regarding changing the drag settings with your winding hand, it's rather simple. One day I'll do a video to show just how easy it is. :thumbs:R
  19. Sunkistbob-SKB

    What are the Lancsy Lads Up to Next?

    ** It's an SKB Sea Fury line Steve. 8# short head. :yo:
  20. Sunkistbob-SKB

    Is a disc drag really necessary for trout in uk waters?

    Each to their own is the answer. I've always used the drags on reels. I started my fly fishing on a lake for mid-twenty sized carp so it was a sensible thing to do to avoid line burns as I discovered to my cost. Nowadays I tend to fish from a float tube most of the time and don't like having...