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  1. miabs

    [WITHDRAWN] Greys GX700 6/7/8 Reel

    SOLD on another selling site. Sent from my LLD-L31 using Tapatalk
  2. miabs

    Greys GX700 6/7/8 spool

    Hi, I'm trying to find an extra spool to go with my Greys GX700 Reel. It needs to be a 6/7/8 spool, hoping to find a gold coloured one of the GX700 range but at worse case , possibly a GX500 spool in dark grey. Thanks in advance Mark.
  3. miabs

    Greys GX500/700 Spools

    Hi, I'm after any unwanted Greys GX500 or GX700 spools in either 4/5/6 or 6/7/8. Thanks in advance. Mark.
  4. miabs

    Specialized Crosstrail Elite Disc 2016 Hybrid Bike - Medium

    Bike is in excellent condition. Only used a handful of times. Not getting use hence sale. Medium size. £380 Collect from Blackburn, BB2  I might be able to post if buyer arranges collection by courier. I should be able to source a bike box.  Info from Specialized UK  You take your fitness...
  5. miabs

    7 piece travel rod

    Hi all, I currently have a Shakespeare Agility EXP 9ft6 #7 travel rod Its a 7 piece rod . I find the action more medium than fast and I am looking for more of a tip action rod. I ride my road and hybrid bikes to some fisheries and keep the rod in a rucksack. In the future I am looking at...
  6. miabs

    Greys Strata T Shirt - medium

    Greys Strata T Shirt. New with tags Medium size £12 posted.
  7. miabs

    Lureflash Boat Seat

    SOLD SOLD Lureflash Boat Seat for sale. Comes with carry holdall. In excellent condition. Collect from Blackburn, Lancashire Or can be collected on the Saturday at the Fly Fest event, The Rheged Centre, Penrith. (1st October)
  8. miabs

    Greys GRXI+ 9ft 6# fly rod

    Sold, sold,sold Greys 9ft 6# fly rod. 4 piece rod comes with cordura tube. In excellent condition. Sold.
  9. miabs

    Fluval Roma 200 Aquarium with Lake Malawi Cichlid setup

    Fluval Roma 200 Aquarium £150 Sold !!!!!!!!
  10. miabs

    Greys GX500 4/5/6 and lines 

    For sale : Greys Gx500 4/5/6 reel with 3 spools and identification pins. Reel has paint wear on it from use but in perfect working condition. Spools loaded with backing and lines. Lines included :  Greys Platinum hi viz floating line - wf6 - used. Barrio GT125 floating line - wf6 -used...
  11. miabs

    Greys Gx500 6/7/8

    Wanted : Hi. I'm looking to buy a gx500 6/7/8 reel, spools and bag. Thanks in advance.
  12. miabs

    Floating line with little / no memory

    Hi, I'm looking at a new floating line which will cast well and have little / no memory. I have a Greys platinium floater, a Barrio Gt125 and a John Norris pro 2, all WF6's. I don't mind spending a bit on it and I've been looking at a Loop opti Stillwater WF6, does anyone know of any other...
  13. miabs

    Polarised sunglasses - using oakley lenses

    Hi, I wear a cheap pair of polarised sunglasses which are starting to wear out and I'm looking at replacing them. I have seen costa sunglasses and others on websites but I wondered if anyone used oakley polarized lenses. I have a pair of flak jackets with standard lenses which I love and they...
  14. miabs

    Wychwood Rover pack

    SOLD SOLD Wychwood Rover Pack .
  15. miabs

    Wellingtons up to £40

    Hi, Can anyone recommend some wellies (non safety) up to £40. I need them with a good tread and good support at the ankle .
  16. miabs

    Pedestal fly vice

    Hi, i'm starting fly tying and wondered if anyone can recommend a vice. I want it with a pedestal base and under £50. I know I should look at more expensive options but I have to buy everything else. I saw a stillwater regent vice at GAC for £34.99 and also a vice and tools kit in a wooden box...
  17. miabs

    Wanted Greys Grxi+ 10ft 7weight + Gx500 6/7/8

    Hi, I am looking for a Greys Grxi+ 10ft 7weight + Gx500 6/7/8 reel. Thank you.
  18. miabs

    [RECEIVED] Wanted : Greys GX500 4/5/6 reel

    Wanted , can pay straight away Mark.
  19. miabs

    New Wading Jacket

    Hi, I have been looking at buying a new jacket but keeping the cost down at the same time. I have seen this Fladen wading jacket in Go Outdoors. Can anyone recommend this jacket? Or an alternative ?
  20. miabs

    All year round waders - first buy

    Hi, Ive just started fly fishing and will mainly fishing stillwaters, I am also considering fishing rivers next year. I am considering buying some waders, probably in the christmas sales. I want a pair I can use all year round. I have seen the type with the built in wellies/boots and the type...