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    Hardy Angel elaborate Fake ?

    Hi all I took a punt on a reel, if it ever comes. It doesn’t seem to have a serial number on the reel. I think it’s a Mk1 Hardy Angel or a decent fake? Anyway I’m not too fussed as I only paid £40 for it . iCloud iCloud iCloud
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    The Fishing Show - The Great Yorkshire Show Ground, Harrogate 8th & 9th June

    Website: The Fishing Show UK - The North's Best Angling and Fishing Event Welcome to ‘The Fishing Show’, bringing together everybody’s fishing favourites under one roof – the best brands, the latest gear and the biggest personalities. Whether you’re into carp, coarse, fly or sea fishing...
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    From whippy to Stiff

    Hi guys, I've recently got hold of a guideline LPXE, now my former rod was a sage flight and the two rods are distances apart the guideline is very stiff and the safe is very floppy. I had a couple of casts with the new guideline and it felt very odd. What changes should I be making to my casting?
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    BCAA or ASA

    Hi guys, Hoping a few locals might be kicking around the forum to help me with this. Spent a considerable amount on fishing this year, probably over 180 quids worth! So next year i am going to join up with either the ASA or BCAA. Based in Knaresborough area. Only fish fly really and was hoping...
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    Scottish salmon sold by a range of supermarkets in the UK has sea lice up to 20 times acceptable limit

    Just a news article from this morning.
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    First Salmon! In Yorkshire

    Had my first salmon ever on the Bolton Hall beat of the Ure , right at the end of the day when I was thinking how am I so **** at fishing with conditions this took finally its only taken 2 years...! here she is...
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    Sage TCX

    Just picked up a sage TCX 15ft 10 weight and a Lamson Litespeed and 2 spools for £350 quid! seemed like a good deal as the rod is pretty much unused. Not tried it on water yet, does anyone have one?
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    Salmon Flies needed in Leeds or knaresborough

    Hi guys I need to buy some small salmon flies for the Ure on Swinton, this is urgent as I'm fishing Friday without time off from office hours until then. Happy to pay for the flies, by urgent as I have no salmon flies ! Thanks guys
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    Catterick on Swale

    Happy Friday everyone, may the weekend bring good trouting. My missus is working this Saturday in Catterick at the racecourse, thinking about popping up there and fishing the day, are there places to avoid ? or good spots near Catterick. I have access to a car. Cheers Chris :thumbs:
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    Life without a bobbin

    So I tried my first fly ever this morning (Klinkhammer), needs perfecting for sure but looks like it might deceive some trout at the least. I have so far got to the last stage which is the hackle, finding this bit especially hard to wrap round, are there any tips for this part? i have a hackle...
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    Cod Beck Osmotherly

    Hi guys, Heading up to Osmotherly on the back of the walkers in the family, just wondering if you can get a day ticket for Cod beck in Osmotherly? Cheers Chris
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    Starting essentials

    Hi guys, Recently I've spent a bomb on flies, some of poor quality. I have decided to get into fly tying, to fill the cold evenings this winter and hopefully build up my dwindling fly selection. What are the very basics I would need to tie?, ill probably be sticking to Klinkhammers and a...
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    River Wharfe Burnsall

    Had a trip up to Burnsall - River Wharfe on Saturday, the best stretch of water I've seen in a while just seems to have pool after pool full of trout. I pulled 9 trout all on dry fly out the first being around 3 Lb, biggest brownie I've caught on a river, and my company pulling out a further 3...
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    The River Aire central leeds

    I get the train into Leeds every day, and I pass this part of the River Aire and it seems to flow well. Has anyone ever fished it/ who owns the rights? The image is in the link below. Would be quite tempted for some industrial city angling...
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    Swinton Estate

    I have just booked the 29th to fish for salmon, very reasonable pricing. Anybody had experience with fishing this part of the river Ure? Cheers Chris
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    Identification of fly !

    Anyone know what fly is on the far left ? Had some good interest on the only one i had which went MIA ! Cheers
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    Half price bison waders on Amazon

    Just ordered a pair of these.Seem like good value. Will update when i get them!
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    Wanted Orvis access/hydros 5/6(gold) open to offers on other reels

    Hello People i am after a gold orvis access/hydros , new hydros are a bit to pricey and the access in gold is hard to come by now. I am open to other suggestions and offers got up to around £125 at the max.
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    Bargain or bin ?

    Ordered these flies a couple of days ago due to arrive soon, has anyone bought flies from glasgow angling before? seemed like a good deal.Here is the link! Stillwater 50 x Assorted River Flies – Glasgow Angling Centre
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    What reel!?Help!

    Hi guys i am sending out a plea for help, i have just got back into fishing again.I've caught 3 brown trout and now i am hooked, in the process my old Shakespeare mustang gave up the ghost! Now i've been looking at reels between £100-£150 i want to get something that is gonna last and is...