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  1. Mal Hunter

    Wanted - Sage Z Axis 9ft 6wt

    Please PM or email if you have a 9ft 6wt Z axis for sale. Not too bothered about cosmetics as long as blank in good condition. Immediate payment on receipt by bank transfer or cheque. Cheers Mal
  2. Mal Hunter

    Mal Hunter of Fly-Fish-Yorkshire

    I am Malcolm (Mal) Hunter and offer angling and casting tuition on rivers and lakes in Yorkshire and beyond. APGAI in single handed rod discipline, ensuring proficiency in all aspects of casting with a single-handed fly rod, including spey and overhead casts. I am the Yorkshire representative...
  3. Mal Hunter

    Help - Peacock Fritz

    NOW SORTED - THANKS! I've just about run out of peacock fritz and would like to buy some more. Problem is I can't remember who/where I bought it from initially (although I'm fairly sure it was from a forum member - before the days of trade membership) and I'm having problems identifying a...
  4. Mal Hunter

    Spey to Z DVD

    Anyone have a copy for sale or short loan? Please PM for immediate payment by Paypal gift or bank transfer. Cheers Mal
  5. Mal Hunter

    Spey to Z DVD

    Anyone got a copy to sell or rent? Immediate payment by Paypal gift/bank transfer. Please PM Cheers Mal
  6. Mal Hunter

    Thomas & Thomas Vector 9' 6wt

    NOW SOLD Rod is in excellent condition, tube has a few marks (see photos). Fittings & whippings on this rod are top notch. Bought recently from a forum member but action not quite what I was after. £160 inc special delivery. Cheers Mal
  7. Mal Hunter

    Greys Streamflex 10ft 4wt rod for sale

    SOLD Thanks for the interest gents Mal
  8. Mal Hunter

    Hardy Demon 9ft 5wt rod for sale

    Rod now SOLD Mint condition 3-piece 9ft 5wt Hardy Demon rod. This is one of the models without the demon logo that was sold without guarantee from the Hardy factory shop. Bought as a loaner for clients last year but change of sponsor forces sale. £120 inc registered post - please contact by pm...
  9. Mal Hunter

    Wet weekend

    Wharfe’s too high for me this weekend so spent some time at the bench. Been trying a couple of new patterns – pearly crunchers for next seasons pin fry feeders and ammonites for the grayling, plus the usual pink bugs, rhyacs & caddis. First time of tying the ammonites (far right) and I think...
  10. Mal Hunter

    Lake District Fishing?

    Evening all I'm staying in Grasmere for a week, starting this Friday. Can any one recommend any decent local fishing, river or reservoir? If there's any wee wild brownie water that would be great. All best Mal
  11. Mal Hunter

    Wanted - single-handed Spey casting DVD

    Wanted - single-handed Spey casting DVD Please PM me if you have one of these for sale. Cheers Mal
  12. Mal Hunter

    Stren fluorescent line?

    Evening all Does anyone know what type of Stren to use to make spiral indicators? Cheers Mal
  13. Mal Hunter


    Hi Folks Does anyone know where I can get some Spectraflash shellback and Spectra dubbing (both code 19). Cheers Marra
  14. Mal Hunter

    C&F Standard Bobbin Holder - any good?

    Dear All A feller was singing the praises of these bobbin holders to me the other day - they seem a bit expensive, but has anyone got any experience of them? All best Marra
  15. Mal Hunter

    Most effective fly 2008?

    Well it's getting pretty much to the end of the year and I've been reflecting on last year's fishing. One fly which has stood out for me this season is this variation of the wooftah, which I think may have been developed by the competition folk for the midland reservoirs (I can't claim any...
  16. Mal Hunter

    Nymphs or Spiders in cold?

    I was on the river today for a couple of hours and was having a lean time of things czech nymphing so moved on to spiders and was getting a bite almost every other cast (and then, almost exclusively to partridge & orange). The water had just returned to normal levels following last weeks rain...
  17. Mal Hunter

    Fresh from the vice

    A couple of experimental ones and one that has caught fish everywhere I've tried it over the last couple of seasons (the wee black'un)... Black Dabbler Sedgie Spider Wee Black'un Merry Xmas All Marra
  18. Mal Hunter

    Simple legs on czech nymph

    I've been playing around with micro fritz to simulate legs on czech nymphs. This is a slightly flashy version with UV, but plain black works just as well. Tight lines Marra
  19. Mal Hunter

    Cookshill Fly Tying

    Not sure if this is the right forum but wanted to give a heads-up to Steve at Cookshill. I ordered a hen pheasant cape on Thurs night and it arrived this morning (Saturday). I may have just been lucky, but this is without doubt the finest pheasant cape I have ever seen - and it cost me the...
  20. Mal Hunter

    Greys Streamflex 10ft 4wt

    Lightly used Streamflex for sale - can't justify keeping it as I've recently purchased an XP 4wt. £140 inc p&p to mainland UK. Payment by cheque only please. Tight lines Marra