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  1. Taniwha

    SW Wales mullet day - guide or swap for chalkstream day

    I'll be in the Carmarthen / Pembrokeshire area next week (7-14th) and aim to spend a couple of days attempting to catch a mullet on the fly. Any locals on the forum who successfully target mullet on the fly in this general area who might be interested in meeting up to get me started? In...
  2. Taniwha

    Any freelance graphic designers/artists on here?

    I have a small graphics job to place with an angler who can draw and create professional drawing and text based graphics in Adobe illustrator. If interested shoot me a PM for details, please do not post replies. thanks Mark
  3. Taniwha

    Bend in carbon fly rod section??

    Very few blanks are perfectly straight, a few mm drift is nothing to worry about if it is a gradual curve rather than a sharp kink. A deeper set like 1cm I'd return - would probably be OK but shouldn't get past QC
  4. Taniwha

    Epic 4-piece fastglass blanks pre-order

    4-piece fast glass blanks Swifty are gradually rolling out 4-piece blanks across their full fast glass range. I am taking pre-orders for delivery early March after the 686 models are released mid to late February. 10% deposit secures. Free delivery in Europe and 10% off anything else...
  5. Taniwha

    Fiberglass rod

    Hardy fibalites were top drawer in their day, late 60's early 70's. Models under 8'#6 and especially the small stream rods command high prices (£100+ for a nice example) still and merit them, excellent actions even by modern fibreglass standards and great rods to fish. Longer rods such as...
  6. Taniwha

    Free fishing on the Nadder at Tisbury?

    There are no free or day ticket stretches of the upper Nadder that I am aware of, although some parts are quite overgrown and probably little fished. There is a club or syndicate for the stretch near Tisbury station, name of which eludes me. It is a small stream at this point. I have seen...
  7. Taniwha

    Epic Salsa promotion

    Epic Salsa - your own tube of winter sunshine … Free UK and European shipping for Epic Salsa 480 and 580 self build kits and Epic Salsa fast glass 476, 480, 580 and 686 blanks Offer valid December
  8. Taniwha

    Special offer: Kiwi prices on Epic fast glass

    Offer closed
  9. Taniwha

    Over to the dark side.

    cracking build Simon
  10. Taniwha

    Advice on sink tip lines for Rivers.

    I'm a regular user, for streamer fishing there is nothing better - Teeny T or similar with a 20-30' hi density sink tip, prefeably around 6-8" inch/sec
  11. Taniwha

    Downlocking reel seat anyone?

    Thanks guys. Still learning in the SEO department!
  12. Taniwha

    Downlocking reel seat anyone?

    GM, I am the European dealer for Lemke Concepts reel seats, I have a good selection of DL seats in my shop and you can choose your own wood insert. regard Mark
  13. Taniwha

    Taniwha Rodworks - rod building shop now open

    Thanks Col :)
  14. Taniwha

    Latest rod finished.

    Very nice Simon - love the olive silk on cane and the olive wood looks great with the reel seat
  15. Taniwha

    Taniwha Rodworks - rod building shop now open

    Thanks chaps, kind words appreciated Some interesting new Epics on the way to me including a glass DH/switch rod and the first of the new Epic 'C' range .... and a Lemke Concepts reel seat delivery. regards Mark
  16. Taniwha

    New rod

    Very nice Adam, I like the ritz grip too Simon, I've never found a fingernail router bit this side of the pond, let alone a Venneri modified one, but here's some tinkering inspiration on my 'one of these days' list Mortising Reel Seat barrels - Grips and Reel Seats - Rod Building...
  17. Taniwha

    Lathe question

    This sites is a mine of information on older lathes Lathes As is this one on turning fishing rod parts mandrels - Tips, Tricks, Tools and Gadgets - Rod Building Reel seat mandrels you can get from Roddancer and carry Backlash tools. With a metal lathe you could make your own...
  18. Taniwha

    Taniwha Rodworks - rod building shop now open

    Last day on the introductory offer Save 10% on my website using the discount code 01JAN2015 at checkout. Epic self build kits are £297 with discount, view here I also have a couple of kits missing the...
  19. Taniwha

    Xmas Project

    Looking good Vince, good way of dodging the washing up after xmas dinner