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    Watching the Hungarian Grand Prix qualifyng ..

    And its pouring down rain. The speed of these guys even in those conditions is amazing. Watched a clip where the announcer and a Pit Boss were discussing the choice of tyres to put on a car. Add to that the choice of how to set up the machine otherwise was most interesting. Way above my skill...
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    Tick-Tick-Tick ... 27 minutes to game time

    Now just talking heads but France vs Croatia in less than 30 minutes!! To my surprise, an delight, the game is on National TV over here. Too early here for :guinness: so I'll just have to stick with a cup of coffee. PHOOIE. fae
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    My god this is bad news for you folks!!

    The UK Is Rationing Beer Because of a CO2 Shortage
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    Sink tips for 2hander's explained ... more to it than you'd think.

    htt Edit: Looks like you may have to do a cut and paste.
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    I do very little trout fishng for a couple of reasons ....

    One: Save for lakes the best trout streams are at least a two hour drive ... one way. Two: And you need a boat if closer. Three: Save for Steelhead/Salmon smolts our river's have very little in the way of trout (only two places in the State with planted Brown's that I know of). That said, this...
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    World Cup .... 'cards' are being tossed left and right

    FIFA appears to be clamping down on 'foul play; here's whose got what: 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Bloody well about time! fae
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    "All things" tippet and leader's explained.

    We go on and on about fly lines/etc but little said about what hangs between the end of your line and the fly. This web connect is from the US board and its the best 'here's what's going on/needs to be done' I've ever read. Good read: tapered leader/tippet
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    You don't understand big until you've been there .

    Australia pledges half a billion to restore Great Barrier Reef
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    "Field of Dreams." Toss back

    A phone call .... "Do you remember my Husband?" We took command of his new sail boat: "Ambient" down the Columbia river to the Ocean. Full sail as we headed north .... discuss ... skipped Seattle, went for Alaska. Fish, bbq on the beach ... all sails going, running at night with proper...
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    Biggest organized sport in the United States? youre probably wrong.

    Thousands play baseball, football, etc. but in total numbers .... Nothing beats soccer/'footie;' major problem is finding folks who will 'center' a game. Biggest 'problem' I saw over the years was the Center was 'afraid' to toss a 'yellow card' for some thing stupid/dangerous...
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    Mz Dog-Dog and I on 'game day.'

    Dogs of C-Kennel for 2/4/2018 | Dogs of C-Kennel | Comics | ArcaMax Publishing
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    "Field of Dreams."

    "If you build it they will come.":thumbs:
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    Just watched Livp vs Man City ...

    Had me sitting on the edge of my chair .... heck of a match!:eek:
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    Things you find when looking for other things.

    Digging out my heavy weather winter coat ... a rod tube ... !!:eek::eek::eek: A ECHO Glass 11' for a #6 line!! So 'new' it even has the plastic thingie on the handle cork. I think I will buy a fishing lic. for next year, load this thing up and give it a go. fae
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    No need for one, but would love to have one.

    Things you find on the Net; this is one of the coolest I've seen in a bit:
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    This could be fun ... but not for me.

    Guys feed, off to the river to chase Steelhead .... watweather report . we're to get a dump of snow in the mountains around us.
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    You're in the US and some time to fish ... where?

    One of the fellows on the US Board posted up this 'map link' that pretty much cover's every bit of moving water in the US: Your Waters - Trout, Steelhead & Salmon Stream Destinations
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    Welcome to Winter Steelhead fishing

    My guess is the film was shot in northern Washington State and British Columbia. Weather looks yuck but that can be the norm but actually with snow it won't be all that cold (note fellow has no gloves)...
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    I guess I'm just old school when it comes to 'bling' hanging off me.

    First the fly shop is an excellent one, they've seen my credit card number on several occasions. But this one looses me .... $80.00 to well over $100.00for what is basically a set of toe nail clippers??:eek: Gorge Fly Shop Blog: Abel, Hatch, Simms - Fly Fishing Nipper Review