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  1. Shamus

    Judy Murray

    What has she offered more than a miserable son? Yes, she has Jamie but I'm referring to the alleged No.1. Meal ticket?
  2. Shamus

    Bye Bye Richie

    A 'marvellous' innings and a sad loss. RIP Richie Benaud.
  3. Shamus

    Come on you Hammers!

    Hammer it out of City, please.
  4. Shamus

    A thank you for a contact number.

    An east coast Norfolk equipment loan provider for a disabled person, please. Long shot but I'm looking to hire a hoist and shower chair/commode. I've tried the business pages but they're a no go, unfortunately. Feeling that I've exhausted all the avenues, any help will receive a meaningful...
  5. Shamus

    FHM. The sexiest far!

    Not a magazine I read or rather look at but Clare Balding mentioned this evening that Hannah Cockroft has been declared the sexiest far! No denying her achievements and bubbly personality, being awarded her second gold medal moments ago, but do you agree or have you got a...
  6. Shamus

    Paralympic Games.

    Rather impressed with the opening ceremony. Full house and massive support for Team GB. Good luck to them.:thumbs:
  7. Shamus

    'Bring out your dead.'

    Forum Football. Season 2012-2013 Your Forum Football League(s) needs you. Just a handful of folk so far, willing to fight it out for the opportunity to be smug for a while. More the merrier and it's not too taxing. Just a guessing game and a bit of harmless fun. Alternatively, if you fancy...
  8. Shamus

    You can do it!....Michael Clarke.

    Currently on 261, Michael Clarke has almost surpassed Reg Foster's SCG record...but will he go and threaten Lara's WR!? Although an Aussie, I hope he manages it. Ooooh.....280 A shame, declaring. Clarke 329 not out. Anyway, I enjoyed it and the crowd look great in pink. Ta-ta .
  9. Shamus


    Anyone fished it from the bank this last week? Finches and Normanton still the places to try? Cheers in advance for any pointers.
  10. Shamus

    Olive Plastazote block foam.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction. Eyebrook Tackle Shop is out of stock and I'd like to avoid GAC. Cheers.
  11. Shamus

    Kamasan B180 size 8 single salmon hooks

    Passed on to me being told they were B160s and I'll glady pass them on to someone else who might use them. Only a box of 25 and no great deal but if anyone wants them, first reply gets them. .:guinness:
  12. Shamus

    Kempoint Hooks

    For my Blobs I've tended to favour the B980 & 982 Kamasan's. Fancied a change though and thought I'd try Hayabusa 751's. Ordered them but today I received instead, some Kempoint K9's as an alternative (751's out of stock). Not being familiar with Kempoint hooks. Are they worthy of a...
  13. Shamus

    Cricket- England v Pakistan

    Any of you following it? Terrific day in the field after a worrying batting collaspe.:) :wine::wine:
  14. Shamus

    XL, XXL.....Wychwood overtrousers

    I'm trying to determine the actual size (waist) in inches. Any budding Gok Wans out there, willing to help a 38'' fatty?:whistle::D Cheers .Shaun:)
  15. Shamus

    Budget Superglue.

    For those of you not fussy about glue, Tesco (Extra) are selling the carded tube multipacks again. Buy 1 get 1 free, Sixteen tubes for £2. .Shaun:)
  16. Shamus

    Cricket- Bangladesh v England

    The ODI series over and won by England, is the Test series going to be plain sailing? We're going to have to wait and see but I don't think Bangladesh are going to be the pushovers some might expect. One thing is certain, Pietersen is going to have to prove his worth! Whatever transpires, It's...
  17. Shamus

    Pitsford Opening Day

    Hope to be going on Saturday but any of you ladies and gents going tomorrow?:) .Shaun
  18. Shamus


    The "C" can look decidedly like a "G...olf", so i decided to post on here.:D Are there any fans following the tour in SA?? If so, have you a prediction for the Test Series outcome? Just thought I'd throw it out there.:) :guinness: Shaun
  19. Shamus


    May seem a daft question but i'm interested to know what cameras you guys and girls use for your photos. Well, really what meg pixels you have on your cameras because some of the close ups are terrific. I lost my camera to the depths of Eyebrook earlier this year and up until now, i hadn't...
  20. Shamus

    Teardrop eyes

    As an alternative to the common place biot, jungle cock, floss..cheek, i've been experimenting making my own. Using mirage/holographic book wrap, stiff card and a coat of expoxy or several coats of sally the results are promising. Omitting the book wrap and just using fluorescent card seems to...