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  1. shuck raider

    Surf Candy

    Been getting the odd seatrout and bass on these
  2. shuck raider

    Spot the Difference

    New species of trout discovered ??
  3. shuck raider

    Hends Dropper Rollers

    Wanted for a mate, who likes these things. He's tried various other solutions and doesn't want anything other than the original Hends product, which I understand is no longer produced. Personally, I hate the things but he seems to get on well with 'em so if you have a packet or two lurking...
  4. shuck raider

    Partridge Split Cane

    I'm very pleased with a new acquisition - a Partridge split cane which didn't cost very much but is in very nice condition and came in a nice presentation box. :cool: It's a 6' 6" two-piece rated for a #4 line and seems happy coping with that although I tried a 3 wt today and it handles that...
  5. shuck raider

    Partridge Split Cane

    ........double post......
  6. shuck raider

    Neat Ant

    Some time ago, there was a thread on how to tie this pattern on the Step By Step page and posters reported difficulty in sourcing the correct foam material. I managed to track it down last week in Montana and have some surplus material if anyone wants to try a piece. Details on the other thread...
  7. shuck raider

    Blue Winged Olive (Variant)

    Was going to keep this for 1st April but it's too good not to share :D
  8. shuck raider

    Straid Fishery N. Ireland

    Just received this from Ray McKeeman of Straid Fishery. Keep your ears and eyes open lads :thumbs: 'Have spent this morning onsite with PSNI after our tackle shop was BROKEN INTO and ROBBED last night/this morning. Those of you who have visited us over the past 2 years will know that we have...
  9. shuck raider

    Car Boot Sale

    On child-minding duties last weekend with three grand-daughters who wanted to rummage around a local car-boot sale. One of the kids was having a look at a big pile of teddies when I spotted this bear, who, on closer inspection, was made of hare body fur. For the massive outlay of 10p, I now have...
  10. shuck raider

    What do you think.....

    Photoshop or the real deal?
  11. shuck raider

    Anyone put a name to this?

    A good friend gave me this dressing for lough seatrout - he said it was a very old Irish pattern but couldn't remember its name. Anyone help? I tied one up according to his instructions and I think it might work well on the point. Kamasan B170 #12 Apple green floss silk body Sparse black...
  12. shuck raider

    Scientific Anglers Supra Sink Tip WF#7

    Brand new Scientific Anglers Supra Sink Tip Type 3-12 WF#7 F/S. Still got makers seals on spool, colour Buck/Green. Length 90 ft, sink tip 7 ft approx. Tip sink rate 2.5 - 4.25 ips. Christmas present but wrong size, I needed a #6, which I now have. Seems to retail about £50, I need £35.00 to...
  13. shuck raider

    Fly Tying Kits

    Not having a go at anyone, but yet again we have a question on the Fly Tying Forum about 'What Fly Tying Kit Should I Buy?' It seems that this comes up at least once a month and no doubt as winter arrives it will become even more frequent. Much as garyj has done with the infamous 'Strike...
  14. shuck raider


    Well, lads, just got back from a 3 week trip to Montana and Idaho. It was HOT, temperatures in the 90s F (+30C), rivers low and getting lower which made things tough as the trip progressed. However, my mate Mark and I caught fish everywhere we went and didn't blank anywhere, which I reckon was...
  15. shuck raider

    I'm off

    Heading to Montana and Idaho in the morning to catch bucket-loads of cutthroats. Enjoy the Olympics, see you in three weeks :D
  16. shuck raider

    Katie Ross

    Someone gave me a couple of old Trout & Salmon mags recently and I found a nice looking pattern by Stan Headley called the Katie Ross. Maybe it's been on here before, it seems an obvious variation of two very successful flies. I think it looks the biz, will give it a swim on my next outing to...
  17. shuck raider

    Orange Peggy

    Looking for a recipe for an old pattern known as 'Orange Peggy'? All I know at present is that Im told that it has a mallard speculum wing.. Any help appreciated, ta.
  18. shuck raider

    Anorexic Silver Daddy

    Been fiddling around this morning with a few patterns on some nice nickel silver hooks (Kamasan B170N) and it occurred to me that you don't really need a silver mylar body on a fly to get chewed up by a trout's teeth when the hook itself is already silver. So here's a Silver Daddy tied on the...
  19. shuck raider

    Irish Angling Roadshow at UK Venues

    No such thing as a free lunch, but if you're thinking of coming across this year, might be worth a look-see Irish Angling Update » Irish Angling Road Show at UK venues – win a holiday
  20. shuck raider

    Spare C-clamps

    Anyone know where I can buy a couple of decent C-clamps? I bought some spare vices recently for tuition purposes and while the vices are fine, the clamps appear to be made from Cadbury's finest :)