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    Serious question/dodgy subject

    Here you go........real men wear pink!
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    Helmsdale River 2019 opening

    For those wishing to have an early cast from the 11th January 2019 and free on one Scotland's most exclusive rivers then make your way up to the NE of Scotland for the chance of a springer. The opening ceremony takes place at 10am with the traditional first cast and then the fishing begins...
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    Remember 'Tellywatcher''

    The lines I bought from him were great and bought from him earlier on when he first started trading. He explained that the lines were factory rejects due to colours not being right and tiny blemishes/marks on the lines. I bought a complete set of Shakey switch lines off him at a really good...
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    Size of salmon leaping

    If our river is anything to go by......When we had no water up here in spring the odd fresh fish in double figures was being caught by anglers at the top pools on the river. We found on inspecting the fish the bellies were red and in some cases bleeding slightly caused by rubbing on gravel as...
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    Scottish Government Cat ratings 2019

    It would be good if they explained how they arrived at the figures. Not too much to ask. After all it's us anglers that are catching the salmon:fish2:
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    Scottish Government Cat ratings 2019

    They use of one these :fish:
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    Scottish Government Cat ratings 2019

    These are the proposed categories for Scottish rivers/catchments for 2019
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    Hodgman lumbar belt

    I have the Hodgman, my brother also uses the Hodgman and one of our fishing party now uses the Hodgman after trying mine out. I find it comfortable and eases back pain too. Use it for rowing around the loch too. My brother doesn't need to take any pain relief (which he did before) whilst and...
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    Badanloch ran out of water to run on compensation levels in early August so thin pickings after that. season total won't be know for a few weeks yet. The association water did well two weeks ago and the upper beats have been producing the best the last two weeks.
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    Bargain Waders

    I bought a pair 18 months ago (direct from China). No problems with them and used them every week for trout and salmon fishing. They had started to leak around the crotch caused by the material rubbing around the edge of the seams but bought some tape off ebay which was wider and ironed it on...
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    Approx 300 fish came off the river, to twelve rods, in the closing week (season finished yesterday) with many fish in the 20lb+ range. Best week for the whole season. Bodes well for bumper spawning with so many fish:thumbs:
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    Which fishing magazines do you read?

    Trout & Salmon Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Chasing Silver
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    Mersey salmon

    Scally Salmon....a new invasive species:omg:
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    That would even hook a loch salmon in our area........Going to get some tied up in size 8:thumbs:
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    Salmon and no water?

    We have lots of water now but still no fish. The odd one being being caught is a coloured resident. Everyone assumed they had gone straight through the river into the lochs but no catches of salmon off the lochs either. They had been seen milling around the estuary for a few weeks during our...
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    Tactics used when there's a big wave?

    Hey need for apologies. I fish it regularly on a Sunday up the top end by the Old Stables Bungalow. I wade it mostly as its easy wading to the left of the Albannach burn. Mostly use a floater but also had good results with an Airflo washing line fly line. Only have to wade to knee...
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    Mersey salmon

    Perhaps a read through some of the posts on here might encourage a few more to have a go. I phoned one of my old workmates who still lives in Warrington and he has had a few on the fly below the Warrington weirs including some sea trout. Uses a single handed rod as all have been grilse and puts...
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    Salmon/Sea Trout River Fishing near Cheshire Area?

    Electro fishing carried out by United Utilities on the Goyt in 2006 confirmed salmon parr in the river and the EA have also carried out fish surveys along the Mersey system which has revealed a healthy salmon population. So it is obvious that salmon are getting up to spawn. I lived in Sandiway...
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    Salmon/Sea Trout River Fishing near Cheshire Area?

    Yes...Mersey and tributaries for salmon and sea trout....and no I'm not dreaming. If they can be caught by pike anglers on the Mersey system spinning then worth a flick with a fly in my opinion.
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    Tactics used when there's a big wave?

    Yes...saw your article on Shin very good too. I do odd days for guests on there and Merkland via Overscaig.