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  1. Highlander

    Been a blast

    Well, what can I say I received this today My first thoughts were unprintable, so I have composed my self & I will now reply My website has indeed a small classified on the last page I agree but hardly a commercial site. I have never knowingly on the forum directed anyone to my website with...
  2. Highlander

    Czech Nymphing - a new approach

    Better still why not give it a go & not report back. :rolleyes: Tight Lines
  3. Highlander

    Fake Tackle

    Well then it probably is.. No expert but for what it is worth. Does it look right of a 20 yr old reel? I mean 20 years is not that old so we would expect minimum wear. Usually the rim will have some nicks & "dents" and a bit of paint loss where it has been laid down on stones,gravel etc. Around...
  4. Highlander

    Fake Tackle

    Every genuine item made today has been faked at one time or other. Some are so good that the owner would never know what he really had. I do not see why fishing tackle should be exempt. Tight Lines
  5. Highlander

    Advice On Dry Flies For The Clyde

    Match the hatch. Modern dries such as deer hair emergers & comparaduns will work well.Get the bodycolour right & you are half way there. If fishing into the gloamin watch out for sedge. Do not worry too much about pattern but size & sillouette more important than colour. I have had success in...
  6. Highlander


    Useful wee gadget Graham. Here is one of mine Airflo Pea Pod Frame :whistle: Tight Lines
  7. Highlander

    Bag limits for ireland

    You reap what you sow. Sorry but there you go. Poaching is endemic within the local population & with the influx of Eastern Europeans doubly so. Tight Lines
  8. Highlander

    Who would you like to have fished with? the reprise

    My oh my was it that long ago I'll stick to my original reply
  9. Highlander

    Daiwa Osprey fly reel

    There were loads of these "rebadged" reels in the 80s. This being one of them. Spools were interchangeable I do believe. Nearest equivalent I can think off is the Bruce & Walker Range of the same era. These I believe were same as your Osprey. But it was a long time ago & the old memory dims so...
  10. Highlander

    Maxima or Drennan?

    Jim I think that the main problems arose when you tried to put dropper knots in it. For a single fly is will be ok but I never liked it from the start. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks I guess Tight Lines
  11. Highlander

    Need a fly tying project

    So who is going to send the fly box & hooks then? ;) Tight Lines
  12. Highlander

    Maxima or Drennan?

    Drennan Double Strength, I am surprised this stuff is still on sale. When it came out years ago everybody & their granny bought it. Some found out quite quickly it was wanting. I have lost count of the fish I have seen lost by anglers using this stuff. I remember an article way back in T&S I...
  13. Highlander

    Bloody poacher.........What moi!

    Kevos1, you feel such a fool, think that is the worse thing. Aenoon I believe David is correct, I remember was some time back that there was a rule in the Grantown area that you had to be resident in the area to be able to buy a permit & camping was not included as residential status. Perhaps...
  14. Highlander

    Italian Casting Style Demonstrated at 2010 BFFI

    What do they do. Cast over their shoulder while leaving the water. Sure they are very good but I'll give it a miss. :whistle: Tight Lines
  15. Highlander

    Northampton style for Ferox

    First post & we come in with a troll. Excuse the pun. :rolleyes: Tight Lines
  16. Highlander

    Help on sedge identification

    Yeah I will go with The Silverhorn. The long barred antennae give it away. Have not seen one like that though usually a dark brown but you can get black. Funnily enough Trout do not seem to like them, they flitter about under trees & around Islands but I have never seen a Trout go for them...
  17. Highlander

    Video Clip: Small stream, big browns :-)

    Lovely fish, but had a chuckle with the photo of the rod at the back of your neck. What was all that about. Whoops it is in your Avatar as well. Tight Lines
  18. Highlander

    Lifting your outboard engine

    I know someone who uses a kids plastic sledge, piece of dense foam a couple of bungee cords to stop it falling off. He pulls it across a part of a field, swears by it. Tight Lines
  19. Highlander

    Yes- No

    Hard to say, without knowing from where & when it came from & even then would only be a guess but it certainly could be a Sea Trout, the shape is right. Tight Lines Whoops, just noticed North Esk, yeah I'll still go for Sea Trout, shape screams Sea Trout but guys whover is right it is only a...
  20. Highlander

    Bloody poacher.........What moi!

    Deleted by Highlander