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  1. Paul T

    E.A. On-line Licences

    I seem to remember quite a discussion on here last year regarding non arrival of licences bought on-line. I must confess that, mine having arrived promptly, I paid little attention. This year, however, I appear to have been caught out. I applied for my licence on the 7th April and, to date...
  2. Paul T

    Pflueger Trion - in the salt?

    Off on holiday to Greece tomorrow. If there's room in the case, I was thinking of putting my #8 in. The reel, however is a Trion. It looks very robust and all the visible parts appear to be aluminium or stainless. Will I screw it up? Thanks in advance boys.
  3. Paul T

    Broughton Game Fair

    Never been to this event, just west of Skipton, but it's on this weekend. Anyone give me any info? Is it worth the trip?
  4. Paul T

    Bloke XL50 9'#6 4 piece

    Come on boys - how about £90 then? Excellent condition small scratch on reel seat where ring tightens. Includes Bloke bag and aluminium tube £100 including P&P Paul T