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  1. taffy1

    Goan, goan, goan....

    An age old enigma, the Welsh Witch fly/lure pattern....who's got it? Has anyone delved deep enough to enlighten the rest of the fishing world?
  2. taffy1

    Future of British tennis.

    Emma Raducanu has surprised the tennis nation after her Wimbledon experience & then to go on & win the American Open title, surely such success will inspire many more from this country to achieve a simular standing in the sport.
  3. taffy1

    Single Fly Challenge?

    Which would be yours for throughout a season? River or stillwater?
  4. taffy1

    Purchase which first?

    Is it getting a rod first or the line then finding a true match-up? Reel to follow maybe?
  5. taffy1


    Is normality going to be a case of living with variants of Covid-19? At present, the medical profession are confident the current doses of vaccinations can cope with the strains emerging...but for how long? This pandemic keeps mutating.
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    ............Bloody vandalism! :mad:
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    2021 world snooker championship

    Gobby second guessing jock. Does Alan Mcmanus know he's not commentating on radio? Discuss.
  8. taffy1

    Channel 5 @ 8pm.

    Just a head's-up for anyone that may be interested, World's Most Scenic River Journeys. Tonight it's from source to sea along the River Spey.
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    Another legend..

    Sad to hear of another great legend leaving us. A true Welshman & Lions hero. John Dawes will sadly be missed. Condolences to all family & friends.
  10. taffy1

    Own up?

    Who forgot the clock change?
  11. taffy1

    Understanding fly fishing...

    Is mostly about presenting an artificial lure/an imitative pattern to a possible feeding fish, whether using a double handed rod or a much lighter single handed rod. The burn, stream, river or stillwater will dictate your choice of rod & line, there's also a consideration for which leader...
  12. taffy1

    Knock on?

    Seems the supply of the Covid-19 is being delayed by around 4 weeks, sincerely hopes this is not going to cause a catastophic event in our very near future.
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    Who creates this with angling tackle? From nylons, lines, rods etc? The manufacturers or anglers themselves?
  14. taffy1

    Batten down the hatches.

    Looks like this storm Christoph is bringing in some serious rainfall for a big part of Britain over the next few days.
  15. taffy1

    Insufficient Privileges

    What in heaven's sake does that mean? I tried to reply to a wanted/swap ad. I've been a member here since February 2014, never bought or sold an item & have more than enough posts to qualify. Victimisation is it? Admin, I await your reply.
  16. taffy1

    As of...

    5 minutes ago.....Happy New Year everyone.(y)
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    Own up.

    Who has already had a preview of what's been unwrapped today? Still hope you are having a great & safe Christmas
  18. taffy1

    Latest Covid-19 lockdown?

    It's been announced that as from midnight, 19th December 2020, Wales is going into another lockdown. Non-essential shops will be again closed, there are no indications on what individuals can do where exercise is concerned, ie fishing etc. I await the response from the Senedd.
  19. taffy1

    Can it be?

    Fly fishing, a form of meditation? Or just plain relaxation?
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    Anyone here use this?