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  1. sepo

    Black and olive sculpin

    Just a simple black and olive sculpin patten to try over the weekend on the river Swale 👍🏻
  2. sepo

    Sedge pupa

    Simple tie but very effective. Hook- hanak h 300 bl #14 Bead- 2mm matalic green tungsten bead Body- nymph skin natural Thorax- mix/ cdc fibres, hares ear, brown nymph dub (all in a split thread)
  3. sepo

    Cdc sedge

    Hook- partridge fine dry sld #14 Body- 2 natural cdc and 2 orange cdc in a split thread Wing- 3 natural cdc feathers Antennas- 2 deer hair
  4. sepo

    The mop fly

    I was in the pound shop over the weekend and got my self a mop glove in chartreuse and set about tying "the mop fly" :omg: , it's a extremely simple fly to tie, although I will probably never use it (it's not my thing), have any of you guys had much sucsess on rivers with them? Hook- hanak jig...
  5. sepo

    Start them young

    I bought my 2 year old a orvis practicaster for Christmas to get him started, I must say I only had to show him once and he got it straight away, I put targets down and he was hitting them, he's obsessed now and keeps asking to go outside, can't wait to get him on the river although it may be a...
  6. sepo

    Cdc march brown

    Hook- partridge sld sz12 Thread- fish on silk brown Tail- coq de Leon Body- hends no53 Body quill Wing- 2 cdc natural feathers Thorax- split thread cdc
  7. sepo

    Anvil apex vice

    Iv recently updated my vice so no use for this now, the vice is in Good condition, a few small marks what you can see in the pictures, I'm looking for £SOLD posted PayPal gift or you pay the fees.
  8. sepo

    Pink tag jig backs

    Some simple to tie jig backs to get down quick, tied on hanak H333BL
  9. sepo

    River wear

    Starting a new thread for all river wear anglers, there isn't enough information out there on this river so hopefully this thread will help. I haven't fished the river since February (been fishing the river Swale since) but I am going to be out more this autumn winter! I managed a few hours on...
  10. sepo

    Pink tag

    I'm on filling my box full of tungsten for the grayling season, these pink tags are excellent grayling flies, and my go to point fly
  11. sepo

    Help needed

    Went out this morning and bought my first camera, Currys/pc world had a good offer on the CANNON EOS 1200D DSLR so jumped straight in and got it, messing about with it today I tried to take some close ups of some flies I have tied, but I couldn't get the focus in to get a good enough shot, can...
  12. sepo

    Fly fishing DVDs

    SOLD 1. Onstream guide- half dozen deadly river dry flies 2. River academy- urban fly fishing 3. River academy- small stream trout fishing 4. River academy- grayling through the year 5. River academy- French nymphing 6. River academy- the complete mayfly All excellent condition apart from...
  13. sepo

    Jigs and jig backs

    Here's some jigs and jig backs what have been working for me on the river Swale, nothing fancy but really effective.
  14. sepo

    Realistic wasp

    This is my first attempt at a realistic fly, I didn't have any realistic wings which might have made it look better :o.
  15. sepo

    Measuring question

    Why do people measure trout in inches and grayling in cm? I measure all my fish in inches am I on my own?
  16. sepo

    CAE vice

    I've just been serching vices on Google and came across this vice, looks similar to the LAW vice, have any of you guys got one? Here's the website. CAE Engineering Services
  17. sepo

    Couple of shrimps

    Just a couple of shrimps ready for Sunday on the wear! Orange shrimp Purple shrimp
  18. sepo

    Stonfo elite vice

    Has anyone got or tried this vice? If so is it any good?
  19. sepo

    Orange shrimp

    just a simple orange shrimp patten to try when the rivers drop! Picture isn't the best!
  20. sepo

    Hanak obsession

    Well at least I have something to smile about on this miserable day, the post man has just been with my new toys :D I must say I can't get enough of Hanak gear, the rod looks smart and feels nice just need the weather to change then I can get out, in the meantime I have lots of flies to tie.