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    Tweed Prospects

    Anyone able to give advice about prospects for the Tweed next week w/c 12th May. Fishing on Middle Tweed any advice on whaty flies are catching etc would be great. Thanks
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    Shops in Leicester

    Does anyone know of a fishing shop in leicester which sells Salmon gear ?
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    Salmon Rods for less than £120

    I need a rod but dont want to spend more than £120 will get used for 5 days (weather permitting) per year fishing on the middle tweed in May. I have a Vision Kona (Koma) reel and Ian Gordon Speyline and am a novice speycaster. What would you recommend, I see on e bay there are some "Speycaster"...
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    Salmon Outfit

    I need a new rod and potentially new reel and line, i fish 1 week of the year on the Tweed, so dont want to spend a fortune £250 max. I am a novice speycaster but dont overhead cast (sick of fly hitting me)so also need some more lessons. What would you recommend.
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    Intermediate Line vs poly leaders

    Would appreciate thoughts on whether I should go out and buy a new intermediate line (and what would people recommend) or stick with a floating line and add poly leaders (and of those what would people recommend) or go the whole hog and buy one of these lines with lots of options ( which of...
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    Michael Evans Speycaster Pro 15ft Rod 9-10wt

    Anyone use one are they any good. What line compliments it.
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    Salmon Outfit

    Decided its time to replace some of my salmon gear so on the look out for a 15ft rod Reel Line Wading Jacket Net What would people recommend, I dont want to break the bank !! Need the money to follow Leeds to some obscure football grounds!!.
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    Prospects on the Tweed

    I am fishing on a middle beat on the Tweed next week 14th, would be interested to here what are the likely prospects and what type of flies /set up people would recommend. Also where would people recommend to stock up with flies etc. I will be based in Kelso area. Thanks
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    Wanted Salmon Net

    anyone have a net suitable for salmon fishing they are looking to get rid of. Needs to be in good condition ie no holes etc. Would prefer Gye type
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    15ft Salmon Rods

    Which 15ft rod in the £200 bracket would people recommend, need one that I can overhead cast with and occassionaly speycast with.
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    Fishing in Cornwall / Northumberland

    I am going to cornwall at the end of July, and wondered whether there was any good fishing in the Cornwall area at that time of year ?, how you book it. I am going to be near Penzance so anything quite close to that would be preferred. Also looking at trying to get a cople of days fishing on...
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    Items for sale

    Daiwa WF 98 16ft Salmon Rod Shakespeare Invicta 15ft 4 piece rod Shakespeare 12ft salmon rod Shakespeare reel with Snowbee 2d floating line spare spool with worcestershire DT 10 floating line. Vision Koma spool Airflo dealt spey multi tip line. All are used but in good condition pm me with...
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    Fishing on coloured river

    I am on the Middle Mertoun beat of the Tweed next week and it seems likely / possible that some of the time the river will be coloured what if any tactics should be used or is it just a case of packing up and waiting ? Up until this week thought it would floating line and smallish flies but the...