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  1. royvs

    Best Wading Boots???

    The Patagonia have Sticky Rubber Soles but I screwed 4 studs into each heel. Drill a little hole first. Never had a problem.
  2. royvs

    Winston GVX vs Sage VXP

    Thanks for that. I don't like Winstons, much as I would like to, but I am flirting with the VXP. I have a #5 9ft. XP and would like to try a VXP but don't want to find that I like it more than the XP!!! In fact I have several XPs and there's not one I don't like, could be an expensive "trial" :o
  3. royvs

    Peak District Fly fishing

    Press Manor is a nicely run Still Water Fishery. Monsal Dale is on the River Wye and holds no Grayling, hence does not open until sometime in March, I think. Very nice when it does tho'.
  4. royvs

    Fishing the Monnow

    I'm not a regular on the Monnow System but I have fished Skenfrith. Depending on your age and fitness, I would counsel caution. I found it difficult to access the river and once in, you really need to stay in. Also I found the Grayling quite hard to find, an experience shared by at least two...
  5. royvs

    A father and son story.

    Well, I think that is a remarkable and quite delightful story, Dan, thank you for it. I have a Pal whose Daughter cut him dead for years and they eventually got together again, through Golf. First time he told me about it, he couldn't hold back the tears. I'm lucky and unlucky, in this...
  6. royvs


    If it's for sartorial reasons, I agree with you. However, quite a few Mountaineering Organisations have such a rule for a very sound reason. Jeans don't dry out and wet Jeans can quickly lead to Hyperthemia. But....I think you are probably right.
  7. royvs

    Broken rod tip, woe is me...

    I love that argument from Hardy/Greys, in particular. How can it cost £70 to send a replacement part for a Hardy Angel and only £40 for a Greys rod?? The "Part" is supposed to be free under the Warranty. I've always resisted the "Custom Build" route. What happens if the Builder stops making...
  8. royvs

    Rod wt Vs Fish wt ?

    The thing that has not been mentioned, particularly with regard to Tippet Strength is "Reel Drag". In fast flowing rivers I always try to use the drag and use a good reel. I mainly use short casts so there is little or no slack to take up and if he wants to run, let him go. It also stops the...
  9. royvs

    Rod wt Vs Fish wt ?

    To me the most important rule is use a Rod that will not prolong the fight, if practicing C&R. I don't mean use a winch but something that will control the fish fairly quickly. Especially true on Rivers in fast water.
  10. royvs

    Grayling Fishing

    If you can find your Grayling, you are likely to catch more of them as they tend to be a Shoal Fish. The trick, surely, is finding them. They tend to move about more than Trout. John Tyzack taught me "if you catch one Grayling, don't move your feet". I, also, find them much easier on Nymphs...
  11. royvs

    Best Wading Boots???

    and another. Very tough, incredibly light and easy to get on and off. Not cheap but not quite as expensive as Simms.
  12. royvs

    Rods & Airlines

    This comes up from time to time, usually from people wanting to argue the toss at check in. It's best just to stick the whole lot in your hold baggage, seperated into two suit cases if you are worried about it getting lost (I am). It depends entirely on the attitude of the check in staff...
  13. royvs

    Custom Reel

    Yup, I've gone all Hardy Retro for my River Reels but can't afford to go back further than 70s/80s. Anyhow, I don't like them loking beaten to hell and back. Picked up a new ( old) Heritage Spitfire Perfect, last week, but can't bring myself to fish with it in case I drop it!!!!
  14. royvs

    Leek and District Rivers

    Well, I did go to the Grayling Society day at Maybrook. What a beautiful piece of water that is. I could only manage an hour, various things have knocked the stuffing out of me but I took a real Net Filler, straight off and lost a bigger one in the fast water. Few other touches and I thought I...
  15. royvs

    Fastish 9' #4 For Nymphs and Wets

    Tell you what, I've never tried an X-Flite but Grommit has one in the Classifieds 9ft. #4 4 piece for £95 incl. delivery. At that price it must be worth a blind punt.
  16. royvs

    Fastish 9' #4 For Nymphs and Wets

    .....and I'm still a very happy Bunny :D Quite like the look of that VXP, tho' but I reckon 50% of retail is about right for a second user rod, it's where they take the biggest hit.
  17. royvs

    Rio Gold/ Grande WF7F

    The WF Gold is a stonking Line, except it develops memory in the cold, in the running line. The head seems OK, tho':confused:
  18. royvs

    Fastish 9' #4 For Nymphs and Wets

    I would suggest a 9ft. #5 XP, if you can find one. I have one and for me, it is a cracking rod. That leads me on to suggest, maybe, a new VXP in the same configuration but I haven't tried one. Good value, tho', I should think.
  19. royvs

    Rio Gold/ Grande WF7F

    For new, I doubt you'll beat Ian (Grommit) on this Forum.
  20. royvs

    Leek and District Rivers

    Kind thought, Gary. I can't eat "ordinary" food but will certainly call in for a quick chat. Hope the weather stays OK.