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    Mullet in Braunton

    I'm from Braunton, in North Devon, and visiting my mother a few weeks ago I went for a walk at high tide that passed the confluence of the Caen and Knowl water (the Caen sort of steps down an artificial slope and goes from being a small river to an estuary). The water was absolutely boiling...
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    Getting flies out of fabric

    Not an issue with barbless, which is any new fly in my box - but is there a trick to getting a barbed fly out of a hat, sheepskin fly patch, favourite jumper... or just yank?
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    Cannington Brook

    Does anyone know whether the Cannington Brook near Bridgwater holds trout? I've a holiday booked there late this season. Any other small streams nearby also appreciated, obviously Exmoor and all the WCAP rivers are closeish but probably too far for family to tolerate...
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    Arundell Arms

    Does anyone know if the new management of the Arundell Arms will still sell day tickets to non-residents?
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    Fly life explanation?
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    Out of season river fishing

    Any suggestions for the Bath/Bristol area? Happy to travel a bit if needs be. For clarity looking for grayling and any other legal target species (at present I’m not too hot on coarse seasons but will check before fishing). I will leave the trout well alone. Just don’t want to put down the fly...
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    Coming home to roost

    Finally attracting some attention?
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    FOR SALE England's Automatic Life Jacket

    Unused in bag with papers. The 2020 version is £120 on Farlows, will sell for £80. Collection from Bristol or posted at buyer's cost. EDIT will consider offers
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    FOR SALE Vision Reel Case

    In excellent condition, as new except it's a bit dusty. The 2020 version is £60 on Farlows, will sell for £20. Collection from Bristol or posted at buyer's cost and risk. EDIT will consider offers
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    Castle Combe

    Does anyone know who owns the fishing on the shortish section of the By Brook that runs immediately by the roadside through Castle Combe in Wiltshire? I walked by today and there are some good sized trout in there. I'm wondering if the roadside section is "owned" by the local authority of...
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    Sub 7' Rod

    Looking for a nice rod that's six-foot-something. For use on small streams in Bristol, S Wales and the West Country. Not flush with cash at present but been on the lookout for something decent second hand for a while, so thought I'd try the Wanted section!
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    Leader and tippet treatment

    What leader and tippet treatments (if any) do you all apply when fishing different styles? I’m doing a lot of thinking about optimising my fishing whilst trapped indoors...
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    Unhooking and De-Barbing

    Does anyone have recommendations for unhooking and de-barbing tools? I have a pair of medical forceps that my (doctor) father had hanging around in a cupboard but they are quite long/unwieldy on a zinger and, with serrated ends, not that efficient for crucshing barbs when fishing C&R. Tips...
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    Bristol (and nearby - Exmoor/Devon/Somerset, S Wales)

    Anyone in Bristol or nearby fancy a fishing buddy? I'm newish to fly fishing, excited for streams and happy to fish smallish/cheapish stillwaters too. I'm 30, from Devon and moved to Bristol after 18mo in London and a few years abroad.
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    Unknown French Cane Maker

    Evening all and happy new year! I came across this store on the French version of a certain well known auction site and wondered if anyone had any experience: Obviously if it seems too good to be true etc. ... but if anyone has an experience they'd be...
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    Brook Outfit

    I’ve been looking for an affordable 6’ or 6,6” 2-4wt outfit and just saw this on Garry Evans - a full outfit for c. £85 Shakespeare Agility 2 Rise Brook Outfit - SAVE 46 Can anyone figure out what’s in it (reel and line) and give me a steer on whether it’s worth the £££? Alternative...
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    Jersey Channel Islands Streams

    Hi all I'm looking at Jersey and trying to figure out whether there's any stream fishing at all - I'm fine with small streams to fish 6'-7' rods and tiny flies, I just love to be fishing moving water. Any hot tips? Thanks - catzrob.