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  1. badcaster

    Norvise - outside of the box fly tying?

    I'm thinking of having a try for a Norvise, but not sure if I'll get the full benefits of it, being mainly trout and grayling flies that would be tied. I appreciate these don't come cheap and Fly Tying Boutique stock them, but I'm not sure if it's worth the bid on the one that's up on eBay...
  2. badcaster

    Norvise mounted on Fly Tidy

    Norvise mounted on fly tidy, used.. Rare item listed with 3 days left.
  3. badcaster

    Pet flea treatments poisoning rivers across England, scientists find

    From the recent Guardian article: Revisiting dog flea treatments but still no action.
  4. badcaster

    LL Bean Goretex Paclite Wading jacket from USA

    This is nice, thin Paclite 2 layer, £200 list including taxes shipping and duty, picked it up with 20% discount too so just under £160. Good sized pockets, easily fit 6x4 fly box, zippered hand warmer pockets same size, no inside pockets, no back pouch, cuffs well sealed with soft feel stretch...
  5. badcaster

    Handmade rod tube

    Just completed my first wooden rod tube, a tester put together with soft pine but hardwood end caps. Process is sorted and the end result will be sublime with some nice hardwood!
  6. badcaster

    Tying Station

    Fly tying station in sycamore and black walnut, with 10 magnetic pegs, bobbin holders and tool holes, finished with multiple coats of Danish oil. Underside covered with felt. SOLD Please PM me with comments. Thanks for looking.
  7. badcaster

    Bespoke Tying Station

    Bespoke Walnut Tying Station with burr madrone and cherry veneer and inlaid base. SOLD posted to UK (cheque or paypal) Solid black walnut border with oil finish and professional sprayed acrylic lacquer finish on base - don't worry about spilling varnish on it it just wipes straight...
  8. badcaster

    Willow Fly in the middle of town!

    Yesterday I spotted this willow fly on my car window and took the opportunity to grab a pic from underneath, trouts eye view'ish! While the value of these may be questioned by some, the colouration may be news to a some, kind of stripped quill territory I would suggest? My car was on our drive...
  9. badcaster

    Infested cape?

    Opened a bag with some Indian capes in it this evening an a little critter fell out. He was about 6mm long, black with light belly, segmented body about 2mm wide. He played dead so not sure of he was actually dead or what (he is now!), but i was a bit shocked its the first I've ever come across...
  10. badcaster

    Felting Needles

    I think there was a post about these a few months back, though they were not actually named such as I think the person was searching for their name. For those who don't know they are fine needles with forward pointing barbs and look very useful for fine dubbing pricking. They are available...
  11. badcaster

    Columbia PFG Bonehead Shirts

    Hi There, I have 2 brand new with tags Columbia PFG short sleeved fishing shirts for sale, both are 46"chest and 16" collar. One is sand colour, the other is light brown / olive. They are fantastic shirts, loads of pockets with velcro hold-downs and vented back and shoulder blades to...
  12. badcaster

    Under the Microscope..

    I've been wandering about these for a while and finally got the scope out to confirm a few commonly stated attributes.. Scope was x160 with transmitted light. I think the eyepiece may be 10x as well? (Camera was a point and push digi looking down the eyepiece) Tri-lobal Antron... Deer Hair...
  13. badcaster

    Lakehill fishery north Wales

    Fished lakehill today for the first time in 12 months and probably best day ive had there since Charlie took over 4years ago. The level is very high at the moment, it's possibly above the car park level, which meant landing the float tube was a bit more of a challenge but still very accessible...
  14. badcaster

    Float Tubing Thoughts..

    Posted this a while ago and thought it summed up tubing for me, nice chill out in a flat calm.. I was out for a float, though not in a boat, watching the waves ripple past, I saw a fish rise, then looked at the skies, and no, I did not make the cast. Any more verses anyone?
  15. badcaster

    Info request for France, NW of Avignon?

    Hi, I may have a chance of a few casts while over in France in a few weeks time. We'll be NW of Avignon, just south of Montelimar, on the A7. I see its near a national park, surely must be a few trout about? If anyone has any (FLY) fishing info for the area it will be much appreciated...
  16. badcaster

    Tying in Deer / Elk hair - Hairwings

    Any advice on how to tie in a bunch of deer / elk hair as a hair wing with reasonably fine thread so that the thread does not cut through the bunch but the bunch is tied in tight enough so as not to spin round the shank when the fly is finished? I've been using pinch and loop with about 4-5...
  17. badcaster

    Magnetic Hook Storage boxes

    Anyone used the magnetic hook storage boxes, popular with course anglers I think? If so how do they cope long term? The off-putting thing to me is that once the lid is open, all compartments are open!! Do you get any hooks crossing over to compartments where they shouldn't be or even falling...
  18. badcaster

    DT4 - Taper Length??

    I've just repaced my cortland DT4 floater with a new line (similar budget) and as the old line faired me very well over a number of years, I wandered how similar the two would be in their make up so I measured the tapers on both using a micrometer (bored...yes; cabin feaver...possibly!! I need...
  19. badcaster

    Simms Leak Detection

    Used some IPA (Iso-propyl-alcohol) bought from a chemist dripped via a small pippette onto my simms classic guides turned inside out and the leaks were more or less visible to a blind man. Fantastic leak detection, and only a few there so thats very much peace of mind!! :)
  20. badcaster

    Dyna-King Pro/Supreme Midge Jaws

    After some midge jaws for pro/supreme if anyone has some spare, I've seen the recent posts in classifieds and I know I can get them off Lakeland, etc, but they seem a bit pricey.. PM if interested. Cheers. BC