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    Double hooks

    I thought I’d take advantage of the Fliesonline sale at the end of November and discovered, when putting them in my new fly box yesterday, that the red tag and the march brown have double hooks. Not evident in the photo very clearly and I’m not complaining but I just wondered what the general...
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    Lockdown project- fly tying?

    In the first lockdown I refurbished an old rod and got back into fishing so I wondered about a new project this time. On the basis that I may not get on with it I didn’t want to spend too much on tying equipment I have seen a Ty Master vice including some tools on the Dangler site. Have you seen...
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    Maxcatch Avid Reel

    I wondered what the opinions are on this reel, available at a good price at the moment. Thinking of possible purchase of a 9wt on to which I’ll wind a 4wt line ( on order) with plenty of backing. This weight of reel needed to have any chance of a reasonable balance point on my cane rod. Thanks
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    Reel and tackle set up recommendations

    More newbie questions I’m afraid. I’ve been using my 9ft Chapman Chess for my return to fishing this year with a new 6 wf line on my old Diawa 231 reel . Rod balance is fine and whilst my casting casting could be better it’s OK. I may have the opportunity to fish a small river for trout and...
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    Lesson learned

    Tied on a 3ft length of tippet yesterday, cast out thought that looks odd, retrieved the line to see an absolute unholy mess. I couldn’t imagine how a 3ft new length could twist so many times and cause such a tangle. So of course I hadn’t stretched the line, lesson learned.
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    How would this fly box have changed

    The attached photos genuinely show my fly boxes from about 40 years ago. They were used on the Usk only and would probably have been tied by the legend that is Jean Williams at Sweets Tackle shop in Usk. Is the shop still going?? I’m also old enough to have seen Lionel Sweet competition casting...
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    Gopsall Fishing Club

    I wondered if anyone has information about membership of this club. I have tried via their ‘contact us’ section on the website, so far without success.
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    River Kent

    In mid August I will have the opportunity to fish the River Kent when staying at the Caravan and Motorhome Club site near Sedgwick. A fairly poor report posted here in 2018 makes me wonder if it’s worth packing my rod. An present update on how the river is fishing these days would be appreciated...
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    GoOutdoors fly line

    I notice that Go Outdoors have Airflo Velocity fly lines on line for 11 pounds, 24 in-store. I don't think I could go wrong ? What do you think ?
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    Chub bugs

    As I live within a few yards of a coarse fish river, so that’s my best option to catch a fish after many years of not fishing, I was after recommendations for surface bugs for chub. Patterns for June to September would be great plus where I might get them.
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    Casting ability

    Some more questions. We know from previous thread ‘Confused about line weight ‘ that it is possible to detect different line weight when cast with the same rod. So irrespective of the marked line weight on the rod does one of the line weights cast better than another and is it necessarily the...
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    Confused about line weight

    After a break of over 30 years I thought I'd like to return to fly fishing starting with a refurbishment of my old Chapman 9ft Chess, now completed. Old rods like this dont have a marked line weight, unlike newer ones so I thought I'd investigate the best line choice bearing in mind that my...
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    Chapman Blanks

    Just thought I’d post the fact that Mr John Chapman of above company has been very helpful to me in obtaining parts for my old 9ft Chess rod. So if you have a Chapman rod of any description he will I’m sure help you out