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    Guideline Elevation

    I snapped up one of these in the sale at John Norris recently and have only really had a good look at it today. The rod sections aren’t smooth, but instead have a constant ridge so that if you run a fingernail down the length you can feel and hear as you go over each one. Also, there are no...
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    Flyaking solo?

    Hi all, I’ve done sea fishing from my kayak, both in groups and solo (while my partner scuba’d close by), but so far haven’t managed to get out fly fishing from the kayak. Figured this would be the year, but I’ve discovered that my local water has a buddy system in place for kayak fishing, so...
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    Blagdon Lakes open?

    Hi all, My brother lives in North Wilts and is trying to find out what fisheries are open near him. He's found one in Devizes but that's it so far. Is Blagdon Lakes open, and if so what are the rules? Anyone know where else might be open in the Wiltshire area? Thanks! :)
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    Pre-made tapered leaders/tippets or 'cut your own'?

    As a new fly fisher, I've previously used pre-made tapered leaders/tippets for my freshwater fishing. While out last year, an angler (who'd already caught his bag, and was waiting for his fishing buddy to catch) came over for a chat. We talked about how he'd caught his bag and he offered up...
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    Recommendations for a 9’ #6 rod for Stillwater?

    I currently have a greys gr70 9’6” #7 and an Orvis Recon 9’ #5 rod. I’m thinking of getting a 9’ #6 and was looking at the Orvis Clearwater as an option. Anyone got any other recommendations at around that price point? I tend to fish stillwater, bank, boat and kayak (when available!) Cheers...
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    How to sell vintage / collectable gear?

    I hope this is permissible in this section! How do you sell vintage and collectable fishing gear? The vast majority of my late uncle's fishing gear was just generic, inexpensive stuff, but one item has turned out to be vintage and collectable. I looked it up on the internet before deciding to...
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    fishing time & tickets (can of worms?)

    Hi all, I hope I'm not opening up the proverbial can of worms here... I'm new to fly fishing, having sea fished (beach and boat) mostly. I'm finding the whole system of tickets to fish a bit weird... There seem to be just two options - a full day, or an 'evening' ticket (usually from 3pm)...
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    Flyaking at Clatworthy (Somerset) not allowed?

    Hi all, I enquired about fly fishing from my SOT kayak at Clatworthy reservoir and have been told by the chairman of the club that as far as he knows, only the boats they supply can be used. He did say it was best to check with the rangers though, and I'll try and find their contact details to...
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    Maddening day at Clatworthy

    My first solo fly fishing day out, Clatworthy reservoir on Bank Holiday Monday. Hot, sunny and barely any wind. Not really the best conditions for fly fishing! :) What little wind there was was either crossing me right to left or in my face; I could barely get the line out 6 feet at first...
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    Flyaking - rod length and weight? Your experiences.....?

    I've done sea fishing off my kayak (a few years ago) with a spinning rod and this year will try my hand at flyaking at my local reservoirs. I have a 9ft 5wt and 9'6" 7wt rod. My yak is an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13ft; technically not stable enough to stand up and cast in as it's only 28" wide - I...
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    Wading query

    Hi all.. I've fished most of my life but have not long taken up fly fishing, and don't have a set of waders. I *do* have a drysuit, which I'm hoping to make some use of in conjunction with my kayak (Ocean Kayak Prowler 13) on the local reservoirs. While I'm happy to flyak in the drysuit, and...
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    Greys GTS700 reel discontinued - alternatives?

    As I want to get out on the kayak on my local reservoirs this year, I wanted a reel that I could quickly swap over for different line types. A quick bit of searching brought up Greys GTS700 to go with my Greys GR70 9'6 #7 and I found it at a reasonable price on the usual auction site. However...
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    Wychwood Rover flip mechanism?

    I've bought a Wychwood Rover landing net, which has a very nice flip over and lock mechanism. It flips out from it's folder storage/carrying position easily with a one-handed flicking motion. It locks nicely so I feel confident that it won't collapse/fold if I land a nice weight fish. What...
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    What do you put the 'keepers' in?

    When you actually catch a fish that you're permitted to keep, what do you put it in while you continue to fish? I re-watched the marvellous 'A River Runs Through It' again recently and the traditional wicker creels certainly look wonderful, but are they still practical these days? I noticed...
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    Private or not private?

    Complete newbie question here. How do you know whether a stretch of water is available to fish? The days of being able to just fish any piece of water without needing to ask anyone (other than having a rod licence) are long gone... (ah, the days of garden cane rods, and sticklebacks in jam...
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    Hello from Somerset

    Hi all... I did a 1day introduction to fly fishing as part of a 'bucket list' for a milestone birthday this year; I've previously done coarse fishing, spinning and sea fishing (shore, boat and kayak!) but hadn't done any fly fishing until now. I really enjoyed it and have started making...