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    Interesting underwater sea trout film with interesting shots of shrimp, sand eels etc in sea
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    Trebuchet Fly Rods

    Over the last few days I couldn't help but notice the advert for Trebuchet fly rods from Bloke. BLOKE FLY RODS - The Heart and Soul of Fly Fishing I have looked at the link but there is no mention of the rod action (one of the first things I look for) but there is an interesting description...
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    Calling scientists..

    the following paper appears to have some very specific findings concerning salmon vision and their attraction to different flies. Obviously this will be of tremendous interest to salmon anglers and fly tyers. Can anyone get hold of the full report? Thanks...
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    D-Flex Rods

    I have seen the name of these rods/concept for a few months and wondered whether to delay purchase of another "essential" rod to see whether these D-flex rods were going to be something really new. The following is very interesting and so I am publishing for all, I have Mr Norwich's permission...
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    Wrongdoers Database?

    Today an article appeared about 52 licence dodgers in Wales. Isn’t it about time that we have a nationwide database of anglers who have been up to no good. This would deter anglers from partaking in dubious practices and allow the...
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    Zhu, the next name in fly fishing ?

    There is an ebay seller called Zhu who is selling "silk fly lines", "bamboo rods" and "Classic fly reels". Alarm bells ring about quality etc so just wanted to know if anyone had actually received one of his silk fly lines to see whether they...
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    Salmon Fly Porn?

    I see that a copy of Chris Mann's book "Illustrated Directory of Salmon Flies" was won in a competition. Congrats to him, but has anyone actually seen this book? Is it full of cartoon type drawings of flies or are there real photographs of real...
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    Food for Thought - Underwater Fly Actions

    I wondered where to put the links for these videos which show various flies underwater, but finally decided most relevant place is fly tying. Intruder Tube Fly... Intruder Austral ... Leech ...
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    Good Salmon Fishing Book on Ebay

    Progressive Fly Fishing For Salmon by Alexander Baird Keatchie is on ebay for 99p (+£2.20 p&p), sale ends at 7.47pm today. Item number 160205998016 This is a very good book on salmon fishing, printed about 10 years ago but still highly relevant, intelligent angler/author, advice in the book...